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Let’s Go Girls: The Girl’s Weekend Staycation I Didn’t Know I Needed

Jan 10, 2019

I’m at the age right now where maintaining strong friendships is tough. It’s no surprise that my business partner Lynsey is one of my best friends – whether she likes it or not, we spend the majority of our time together. It’s something I’m incredibly thankful for, obviously for the business reasons, but also for the opportunity to talk about random nonsense – think Bravo!, Lindsay Lohan, Kardashians, Kentucky Basketball, random crap on Twitter. As we get older, and busier, we have less time to just shoot the shit with friends.

It’s even tougher to get together with friends from out of town. Case in point, it took almost five years for my college girlfriends and I to all reunite. Life, kids, work, distance are all valid excuses but even then, five years is a LONG time. Here’s the thing, with these group of girls – it was like no time had passed at all. Isn’t that the sign of a great friendship? That no matter the time or distance or changes, you can pick up where you left off. For us, that meant a lot of laughing.

Last month, we FINALLY made it happen and reunited for a weekend at the Omni Hotel Louisville. To say it was fun, would be an understatement. But it was also good for the soul. And I know that’s a cheesy thing to say but it was. There is something so unique about the friendships you make in college or high school or really any time in your youth. The people who know you – flaws and all – and love you. The people you can talk about the most ridiculous stuff with and not get embarrassed or feel like they’ll hold it against you down the line.

These gals – Maggie, Jodie, Cara and Emily – are my people. They’ve seen me at my worst, my slightly better than worst, me with no makeup and wet hair (which is probably the same as slightly better than worst), seen me through break-ups, poor decision making and more $1 well nights than I’d care to share.

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You guys, we had the best time. It involved way too much champagne, a LOT of food (I think we ordered one of everything at Neighborhood Services), lots of making fun of one another, a little bit of snort-laughing and some questionable facetime calls. It was nice to put my guard down for a couple days. No pretense or trying to impress, no worrying about what to say. No comparison game.

Also, can we talk about how much more fun it is to get ready with your girlfriends? I think it’s what I miss most about having roommates. Swapping clothes, helping each other with hair and make-up, drinking beers while getting honest feedback on your outfit. My husband will say he likes my outfit just to get me out of the house, girlfriends will let you know when a look just isn’t right.

If you haven’t seen your best girlfriends in a while – whether they live around the corner or a few states away – here’s your friendly reminder to start that group text and pick a weekend.

And if you’re in Louisville, I would definitely recommend doing it at the Omni. We kicked things off at the spa with massages and facials (one or the other, I got a massage from Tsue who you NEED to request by name if you ever hit up Mokara), got in some solid champagne drinking and basketball watching time in our room, then grabbed dinner and drinks downstairs. Everything we needed was in one spot. We never left the property. The farthest we got from our room was the wine shop. And just to be totally transparent, this is totally #notsponsored but they did hook me up with a room for the night in exchange for hosting the spa night last month (which was so fun and I was so happy to see so many of you there). I didn’t have to share this but loved these pics so much that I had to. Hope this inspires you to get your girls together for a weekend like this. Now I want to plan another one now for my local besties.

And yes, I am a nerd and had Tabitha come and take pics of us. It had been forever since we’d taken a picture as a group so … yup, I did it. Also, we wore matching gear because Draper James hooked me up with these cute tees and I couldn’t help it. Yes, we did it for the gram and I’m not even a little embarrassed about it because these are cute and fun and make my heart happy.  🙂

Photos by Tabitha Booth

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