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how to entertain like a pro on game day

Nov 19, 2020

Game day looks a lot different these days, huh? We can’t even always count on a game being played on the day you expect or against the team on the original schedule.

As someone who L O V E S football and considers it a weekly tradition to both pack up and head to games, it’s been tough not being able to head out to Cardinal Stadium and enjoy all the game day traditions. But with everything in 2020, we’re adjusting.

So while we can’t pack up the cooler for tailgating, we’re having fun making the most of our time at home and upping our entertaining, and snack, game.

With this weekend’s game against Pittsburgh and next week’s game taking on Wake Forest, I teamed up with UofL to share this game day board that’s got you covered whether you want to be fancy or a let go and indulge in the more fun side of things. Yup, you can serve chevre alongside cheese balls. In the ‘rona times, we do what we want.

When we have family or a few friends over to watch the game, tastes can be all over the board, especially when you throw kids in the mix. With this board, you’ve got pizza rolls next to prosciutto, pigs in a blanket and wasabi peas, Pringle’s and pepperoni (didn’t realize so many of these snacks started with ‘P’).

While I love a fancy cheese board, lately it seems like people have gone overboard in trying to make them more instagrammable than eatable. So for this one, instead of focusing on the aesthetics, I went hard in the paint for snacks that would be gone by halftime.

Game Day Gear for Lounging like a Pro

When it comes to assembling a crowd pleasing game day board, here’s my quick tips.

Go to Kroger hungry.

No for real. Do it. The hungrier the better. I do my best snack shopping on an empty stomach. Go wild in that freezer appetizer section. Do work in the dips. Grab all the chips, crackers and chocolate. Your guests will thank you.

I love all of the Kroger apps … mozzi sticks, pizza bites, jalapeño poppers… get them all!

Split the boards. 

I used two boards – one with the more traditional charcuterie and one with all the snackies. Split them up so you can easily replenish and so that you can serve them separately to your guests.

Don’t over think it. 

This isn’t the time to assemble an instagram masterpiece. It’s time to feed your party people. go wild with what you have on hand. More is more.


We’ve got lots of family time on the books next weekend and to dress up our snack board, I went ham (no pun intended) at Fanatics to stock up on some game day entertaining gear. I know some home stuff can feel over the top, but I think adding a few subtle touches – like on this fun cheese board – adds just the right amount of team spirit.

All these goodies also make a great gift for the fan girls and guys in your family (personally, these glasses are my favorite). So much of it is on sale too, so you can grab a few things and keep them on hand for host/ess gift.

Up Your Game Day Entertaining

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