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Inspiration: Making it Work

Aug 21, 2013

Right now I’m in a state of transition at work. I didn’t get a new job or a new position but I’m switching offices (picture me singing “Moving On Up” from The Jefferson’s) and I’m pretty excited about it. But I am HORRIBLE at being “in between.” I’m a very task oriented, on to the next thing, get there and get it done kind of person. I lack the patience to let things happen gradually and when I’m in that in between phase I lose my sense of order. And without that my life, my generally chaotic existence goes totally off the rails.

Now that you’ve made it through that unnecessary diatribe, we can move on to the good stuff – my new office inspiration. I’m looking forward to three things in particular – more light, a comfier office chair and a more cohesive, complete look. The contractors are putting the finishing touches on our expansion and I’m trying to nail down the new furniture to get my pretty new office in order.

Here’s a little of what I’m using as a guide.

All Images via Pinterest.

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