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inspiration: put it in the {beach} bag

Jul 16, 2013

I could use a quick beach vacation. Nothing too crazy. I don’t need to board a plane and go halfway (or even a quarter of the way) around the world. Just a couple days at a beach.

You may find that hard to believe after this confession but I’ve come to terms with my sand phobia in order to enjoy day at the beach. But rather than spend the evening packing for a weekend away, I spent it lusting over beach pictures. I got stuck on two kinds of images – the ones where people looked like they were having way too much fun and the ones where people seemed totally relaxed. I’m thinking that means something.

Anyways, I’ve rounded up a little beach inspiration along with my beach bag must haves in case you are packing up for a beach week sometime soon (so jealous if so)!

beach day * summer fun

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beach bag

We’ve already talked about how jealous I am of anyone who’s counting down to a beach vacation. I’ll get over it (maybe) but in the mean time, I’ve packed up some of my favorites for a day enjoying surf and {not so much} sand.

* Mirrored Aviators: I’ve been loving all the mirrored looks lately and this classic silhouette is a great way to jump in on the trend.

* An Inner Tube: Unleash your inner seven-year-old and pack a $5 inner tube in your beach bag. I absolutely hate having my feet touch the bottom of the ocean, so an inner tube is the perfect way to enjoy the wave, catch some sun and avoid the unknown on the bottom of the sea (sorry, I’m seriously over dramatic about my relationship with the ocean).

* One Bright Accessory: As much as I love the look of boho necklaces on the beach, I can’t do it. It’s too heavy and way too much of a tanning hazard (talk about weird tan lines). This bracelet is an easy alternative. Bright, cheery and not too serious.

* A Kindle: Lately I’ve been telling every girl (who am I kidding, every guy too) that I come in contact with that they NEED to read Lean In. It’s a quick read and perfect for a long beach day (it has lots of easy stopping points so you won’t miss a game of beach volleyball because you can’t put down that page turner). And let me just say, it’s crazy inspiring, really refreshing and made me excited to pursue my goals. (sorry for that cheesy cut-in but I can’t help it, the book is amazing.)

* A Big Bed Sheet: Towels just don’t cover up enough sand for you to adequately sprawl out at the beach. I like to bring a big towel and then throw towels down on top of it. Grab a striped queen size sheet and you’ll stay safe from sand while looking chic.

* Sunscreen Wipes: I love the sunscreen spray as much as the next gal but my little man definitely does not. These Supergoop wipes are great for laying down a solid sunscreen base. I like to use one before going out in the sun and then one along to use later in the day. Another plus: they’re not sticky so you won’t be covered in sand (are you sensing a theme here) seconds after applying.

* A Refreshing Drink: Whenever I hit up the beach (or anywhere in the sun for that matter), I pack a giant water bottle but halfway through the day, I’m usually in need of something with a little flavor. These Starbucks Iced Lattes are my go-to around 2:30 or 3 when I’m dragging and need a little pick me up.

* A Big Nautical Tote: I’m a little obsessed with Mark + Graham and this nautical tote is on the top of my summer wish list (and it won’t break the bank at $58). Big enough to pile all kinds of goodies in but also simple and chic for carrying into a restaurant or shop post-beach.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, produced in collaboration with Glam and Starbucks. I received a Starbucks Iced Coffee sample to review. The opinions shared in this post (especially all my OCD sand comments) are my own, you know I wouldn’t lead you astray. 

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