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It’s 98 Degrees Outside, Why Am I Alway So Cold?

Jul 11, 2018

It is going to be 90-something degrees outside today but I am sitting behind my desk freezing my ass off. This has become a now-daily summer struggle where I stand in my closet wondering whether I should dress for a Louisiana swamp or an Arctic tundra. Seriously, yesterday I went and sat outside in the blazing heat for 15 minutes just to warm up. I’ve even started leaving the A/C in my car off when I get in so I have time to warm up before it starts blasting cold air at me.

It may have something to do with the fact that the air vent is DIRECTLY over my desk in our temporary space and there is no way to move the set-up. So I face the conundrum of working without my monitor (an absolute necessity) or risking losing a finger to frostbite. Okay so that may be a little overdramatic but not quite as far flung as you’d think.

I’ve thought about bringing a blanket to work and have considered buying a throw blanket from Work the Metal (it’s RIGHT outside our current office) on multiple occasions. Especially for the days when I forget to dress in layers. Mostly though, I resort to layering a duster, like this stripe one from Dress & Dwell, over my normal uniform of jeans and a t-shirt. I just have to remember to ditch it when I go outside, lest I look like a crazy person in the inferno that is Louisville right now.

Quick note on this jeans + tee combo. My 18-year-old self is super pumped that they are both from Abercrombie. My 34-year-old self can hardly believe it but I swear, this is the best white tee I’ve bought in years. And it’s only $18. I have two in white, two in black, a stripe one and a gray one. Yes, I am obsessed. High-school Danielle would approve.

Stripe Duster from Dress & Dwell
Abercrombie & Fitch V-Neck Boyfriend Tee +  High-Rise Jean Leggings
Pikolinos Oxfords c/o Zappos | Fossil Ryder Satchel c/o

Dress & Dwell Stripe Duster Sweater

Pikolinos Blue Oxfords

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  1. Mariah says:

    This is my life!! I am constantly freezing! I have a heater under my desk and t is like 100 degrees outside. No matter what my heater is on lol

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