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Derby Dress of the Day: For the Third Floor Clubhouse

Mar 28, 2016

And we’re off…

4o days until Kentucky Derby 142. If you’ve got tickets, want to go or just need to be prepared for any last minute invites it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to wear. It’s important.

When it comes to Derby dresses, everything changes based on where you sit. You don’t want to be overdressed in the Paddock (you will get spilled on, you won’t have anywhere to sit) or underdressed in the Jockey Club Suites or Turf Club. Every section of Churchill Downs has it’s own character, atmosphere and of course, look. You want to look the best wherever you are but you definitely don’t want to be uncomfortable – it’s a long day. It’s time to start planning accordingly.

From now until Derby week I’ll be posting at least one Derby Dress of the Day each geared at getting you ready for a day in a different area of the track. Yes, there will definitely be crossover (that designer dress you’re splurging on for the Turf Club will be perfect for Millionaire’s Row or the Fifth Floor Clubhouse) and differences of opinion, I’m sure, but all of this is in an effort to help both locals and visitors get ready for Derby Day.

I’m sitting this year out (this baby is trying to slow down my partying) but instead of getting swept up in FOMO, I’m going to come strong with sharing tons of Derby tips, my favorite places to shop both locally and online for dresses and, of course, where to find the perfect hat to top off your look. There won’t be any Derby Style shoot this year (boo, I know but I just couldn’t get my act together this year – feel free to get inspired, especially for hats with last year’s shoot) but I promise to make up for it with lots more good stuff – from great spots for a blow-out, what to pack in your purse (and what to leave behind) and much, much more.


Kentucky Derby Dress of the Day - For an Outdoor Box Get the dress: Amanda Uprichard Cubano Dress
Pair it with these: Jeffrey Campbell Rodillo Wedges + Kate Spade Cedar Street Mini Nora Crossbody 

Today’s dress is this pretty pink Amanda Uprichard number which would be great for the Kentucky Oaks (in case you didn’t know – on Oaks they encourage you to wear pink for the ladies and to support Breast Cancer Awareness) but I’ve picked it specifically for the Third Floor Clubhouse. If you’ve got third floor tickets, you have access to the Third Floor Clubhouse but you’re also going to be sitting outside in a box. You want to look chic and put together but also comfortable for moving around and sitting outside.

I picked this dress because of the form-fitting shape – easy to move around, won’t snag on the chairs or anything outside – the perfect length (don’t want it to be too short) and the tank top style straps. You definitely won’t want to be adjusting every two minutes if you’re moving around and doing the dance of sitting down/standing up so you’ll want to avoid strapless or other straps that constrain. This look will give you the ability to move around and have fun while looking fab. I love the subtle print that helps it stand out and that you can match a ton of different hat styles with it (would love it with something like this navy fascinator).

As always, you can find tons of options over in my Kentucky Derby Dresses shopping section. And if you’re looking for something specific, hunting down Derby dresses is one of my favorite past times, so send me a note ( or leave it in the comments and I’ll do my best to find you something perfect. Last year, I got some great asks for maternity dresses, great stripe dresses, the perfect pink number, dresses for under $75, etc. You name it, I’ll hunt it down.


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  1. Baili Taylor says:

    Yessss my favorite series of the year! Just a bargain hunter FYI for anyone looking for a seriously comfortable and affordable fascinator…

    Got mine in last week and its so light weight and comfy– it has a comb in addition to the headband base. It comes in like 9-10 colors too. Just going to add a few fun feathers from the craft store and call it a day!

  2. We need more options locally for the guys to shop for Derby! Haha

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