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Kentucky Derby Style: Bright + Topped in Blue

Apr 30, 2018

Happy Derby Week!

No Sunday scaries or Monday blues when it’s the best week of the year here in Louisville. I’m trying to knock out a week’s worth of work in two, maybe three days, so that I can soak up all the fun starting on Thursday. That being said, I still have no idea what I am going to wear to the track on both Thurby and Derby. I’ll figure it out (hopefully) but clearly I’ve waited until the last minute. I do this every year though so I’ll get it together.

If you’re like me and leave it to the last minute, you’re still in luck. If you’re coming in town for the races, you can still grab a fascinator and have it delivered to your hotel or air b&b. This absolutely adorable piece is from the gals at Fascinate Designs and I am so excited to be featuring them for the first time. I first saw some of Sarah and Val’s designs last year and loved how fun and colorful they all are. I meant to reach out to them last year but then… life. So this year, after stalking them on Instagram (go follow them!) I dropped them a last second line and they let me borrow a few pieces for this week’s last Derby posts (tear!).

Doesn’t this one make you smile? I can’t get enough of it and may have contemplated keeping it before returning it to the ladies. If you want to try on some of their pieces in person, you can swing into Collections Boutique or Rodeo Drive. They have a bunch in stock … I can vouch since I dropped this one at Collections on Friday so you still may be able to snag it! p.s – this is totally #notsponsored – I just wanted to share another headpiece designer with you all!

I think you may even be able to convince the girls to whip you up something for Saturday if you reach out to them today!

Sale Favorites

On a sale note, everything is 50% off today at Ann Taylor – including this dress. And if you need it for this week, you can order online and pick up in store. They have a ton of cute dresses right now and I am obsessed with this skirt I got last time I was in store. Their new arrivals right now are so good.

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