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Racing Stripes

Mar 22, 2017

Another day, another Derby look. Today’s outfit isn’t for the main event but rather for spending a day at Churchill Derby Week, possibly for Thurby (which is a term, I must again, for the record say that I cannot stand). Thurby is what we’re all now supposed to call the Thursday before Derby (okay, you might be thinking, “duh, it’s pretty self-explanatory Danielle”).

And while people are still getting pretty dolled up, it’s not quite as big of a to-do dressing wise, especially since a lot of people tend to go with work people or clients. Today’s look fits the bill if you’re planning on heading from work straight to the track and want to look cute and festive but also work-appropriate.

From Work … 
…to the Track. Cupcakes & Cashmere Walton Stripe Dress 
Cupcakes & Cashmere Navy Blazer
Both from Dress & Dwell 
Headcandi Floppy Straw Hat 
Save 15% off your Headcandi order with code LOUWHATWEAR

I’m not usually a knit dress fan since I find they usually hug me in all the wrong places but this stripe Cupcakes & Cashmere midi dress is so flattering. The knit clings just enough to show your shape without sharing more than you’d care to. It’s also really light-weight, perfect for spring weather. You can throw on a blazer with it for work and then ditch it at the track. I paired this with a more casual Headcandi floppy hat in case you want to break out a headpiece.

Plus at $115, it’s not going to break the bank and you can get tons of wear out of this. From baby or wedding showers, with sneakers for day travels or just with sandals for a summer party. And like I said before, it’s great for work with a blazer and heels. They’ve got it in a few sizes still at Dress & Dwell – since I know sizes are dwindling in other spots I’ve seen online.

 Photos by Tabitha Booth









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  1. Lora says:

    I hate the term ‘Thurby’, and refuse to ever use it. Oaks is a day, as is Derby. Not sure why Thursday should be anything other than just Thursday. Speaking of local slang, I’m still not a fan of calling us The Ville. I’ve warmed a little, but can’t manage to actually say it out loud.

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