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Hiding in Plain Site

Feb 6, 2020

Does anyone else feel like hibernating? Not sure if it’s the weather or the post-holiday slump but I just want to run home, close the door and avoid contact with outside for a week or two.

I was listening to this week’s episode of The Bitch Bible (definitely don’t listen if you’re sensitive about the F word) and never identified with someone more than her latest rant about needing time alone. She committed to taking an entire week to stop answering emails and phone calls to get her life right. I need that.

One thing I recently did to alleviate unnecessary work stress is turning off my phone email notifications and it’s been a game changer. Thinking I’ll write a whole blog post about it but until then, do it and see how much better you feel. I still check my emails all the time but at least I’m seeing them on my time and not being bombarded with them when I just want to call my mom back.

Not really sure where I’m going with all of this but the whole idea of being so accessible has been on my mind lately. Remember when you had a home answering machine and people called you, left a message and then you decided when you felt like calling them back? I need that social standard to be the norm again.

Maybe it’s because I work for myself or more likely, it’s because I used to have bosses that would lose their ever-loving minds if you didn’t respond within 34 seconds (not even exaggerating… if you didn’t respond with the quickness they tried calling, texting, sending a carrier pigeon or straight hunting you down), but I’ve fallen prey to feeling like I need to respond immediately to everything. Lately I am trying to give significantly less F’s and treat each email or call individually. I mean, yes, sometimes things require an immediate response but 7 out of 10 can wait a couple hours.

I’m probably trying to convince myself to do this more than any of you but thanks for coming along for the ride. And oh, isn’t this leather blazer cute? Not really easy to hide out in but on the days you’re trying to actually stand out, this is the piece your closet is missing.

Leopard Print Blazer | Quay My Way Sunglasses | Lou What Wear Work Outfit Ideas

This blazer was a Dress & Dwell find that unfortunately isn’t available online but I did want to remind you all that you can always save 25% on your entire purchase with code LWW25. They have a ton of cute leopard pieces right now (included a few of my faves below) along with lots of cute Valentine’s Day goodies.

Leopard Love

Leopard Print Blazer | Madewell Denim | Easy Work Outfits

Ellison Leopard Blazer (similar below) | Madewell Basic Tee 
Madewell Skinny Jeans | Work the Metal Earrings
Vince Booties (old, similar under $150 option here)

Leopard Print Blazer | Madewell Denim | Easy Work Outfits

Leopard Print Blazer | Madewell Denim | Easy Work Outfits

Leopard Print Blazer | Madewell Denim | Easy Work Outfits

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  1. Love this outfit, especially the blazer. Gimme.all.the.leopard!

    I totally understand on people expecting immediate responses. It’s gotten out of hand. There has to be a way to reset reasonable expectations despite the instant digital world we live in.

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