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let’s talk wine

Jul 1, 2021

Well if the title didn’t tip you off, we’re talking wine. And I’ve got some good news. You can now have wine shipped to Kentucky.

If you’ve visited a winery out of state or tried to order from a wine club, you’ve probably been shut down before since up until recently, it was illegal to ship wine to Kentucky. But we’re moving on up and now, it’s legal to get wine shipped straight to your doorstep. No more trying to get your friends in Indiana to let you ship things to their houses (hypothetically of course, I mean, who would do that that).

The team at WTSO, which stands for Wine ‘Til Sold Out, were the ones that tipped me off on this great news and then doubled down by sending me a few bottles to try out. Their whole mission is to make first-class wine more accessible with both low prices and shipping it straight to your doorstep. Every bottle in their online wine store is carefully selected, and each order is hand-packed at a temperature-controlled fulfillment center.  Even better, all of their bottles have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So if you don’t love it, they’ll make it right.

The nice part is that if you’re a beginner with wine (or by beginner, I mostly mean someone who’s ready to learn more about wines since I’m guessing we’re all pretty expert at having a glass), they have sommeliers that can help you select bottles. If you’re more knowledgeable, it’s even better since you can use that wine expertise to browse through their selection and pick out the fancy bottles and pat yourself on the back at all the money you’re saving. Like right now they have a Pouilly-Fume Sauvignon Blanc that retails for $45 available for $15 a bottle.

And before you rush over to their site, they’ve given me a promo code for $10 off your first purchase of $50 or more. Just enter LOUWHATWEAR at check out and you’ll get your $10 off (it’s a one-time code and cannot be combined with other codes, credits, offers, or sales). 

WTSO sent me three bottles to try, a rose, a pinot noir and a Chardonnay. Each of them were delicious and now I need to stalk their site to see if they come back. See that’s the only downside, is if you love something, you gotta jump quick. Because once the wines are sold out, they’re gone. But you can either be on the lookout for your faves or check out their tasting boxes where the wine experts send you a curated box of wines to try, which changes on a weekly basis. next week, Rhône Valley!

My mom is the resident wine expert in my house, so I’m planning on combing the site with her on the phone to have her pick out some bottles for me to try and then buy a handful to keep on hand. Because I’m the type of girl who loves a glass of wine but doesn’t have a bottle on hand half of the time.

Truly loved my experience trying out WTSO and will be ordering another box to my doorstep soon. And if you order some, call me and invite me over for happy hour!




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