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Listen While You Work | Five Podcasts I’m Listening to Now

Sep 15, 2017

On Fridays, I work from home. It’s a well-documented routine and I’ve repeatedly told you about how it’s my favorite day of the week, made that much better by my house being clean and quiet.

And while sitting in dead silence is appealing and usually how I start the day, it can get boring quick. So, when I’m working solo, I’ve been trying to listen to more of my favorite podcasts especially when I’m doing mindless tasks. They make the time go by much faster and I usually end up full of new knowledge (no matter if it’s valuable or worthless).

Lou What Wear TRAKK SpeakerTRAKK Wireless Portable Speaker 

I like to set up on the couch (gotta keep it cozy) and cue up a show. Lately I’ve been using this TRAKK wireless portable speaker to listen since I hate running the shows through my computer since I feel like it slows it down  Plus it doesn’t need to be plugged in so I can cart it around wherever I set up shop and it will keep pumping out tunes for up 24 hours.  But also, it’s super pretty and looking at pretty things while I work makes it that much better. I normally keep it by my bedside since I’ve been trying to turn off the TV and listen to more music/podcasts while doing laundry and such. I get too distracted by TV and end up wasting 20 minutes just staring into a Bravo trance while holding the same mismatched bundle of socks. But that’s neither here nor there.

Lou What Wear TRAKK Speaker

Most of the Bluetooth speakers in our house are ugly and always at risk of being snatched up by Drew for his golf bag. So, I’m happy to have the Trakk CEO Bluetooth speaker all to myself, sitting pretty on my bedside table.

Anyways, on to the podcasts. Here’s some of my recent favorites. I’ve finished most of these (or am totally caught up) so if you have any other recs, leave it in the comments – I need some new options.

  1. Bitch Sesh: A Real Housewives Podcast – If you love Bravo, you will love this recap show by the hilarious Casey Wilson (you may know her from ‘Happy Endings’ or her cameos in every rom-com of the early 2000’s) and Danielle Schneider. If you’ve never listened, start with the early episodes – they are laugh out loud funny.I came for the Real Housewives and Southern Charm discussion but it’s become a weekly listen because of the hilarious personal stories they share. But also, because they share my affinity for all things Dorinda Medley. The accompanying FB groups are a treasure trove of Housewives gossip too. Listen here. 
  2. Crimetown – As I write this I realize that I haven’t finished this one, whose first season focused on the culture of organized crime and political corruption in Providence, Rhode Island.It’s by the same people who created HBO’s The Jinx and if you loved The Departed, Goodfellas, The Godfather or just about any other mob movie, this will be right up your alley. There are tons of audio interviews from people connected to the mob, the police and politicians and each episode feels like its own individual story. Listen here.Lou What Wear TRAKK Speaker
    Lou What Wear TRAKK Speaker

    Lou What Wear TRAKK Speaker

  3. Up and Vanished – Season 1 just ended so you can do a full binge on this true crime mystery about the disappearance of a Georgia beauty queen that played out in real time. Throughout the course of host Payne Lindsey’s investigation, new details and suspects come to light and Lindsey takes you along as he goes down different leads.The early episodes are, by far, the best but it is really cool to see how the podcasts mere existence helps flush out new details in the case. They are going to do another cold case next season and I can’t wait to add it to my queue. Listen here. 
  4. The Show About Science – If you’ve ever thought ‘explain it to me like I’m five’ when someone brings up anything science-related, then you’ll love 6-year-old Nate’s science podcast.I first found out about this after seeing a Steve Harmon piece about Nate and I’ve been hooked ever since. The episodes are short – usually between 10 – 15 minutes – and involve Nate talking to notable scientists about their specialties which range from the human genome to sea turtles. It’s a fun, easy listen that gives you lots of fun facts to bring up at your next dinner party or awkward networking event.  Listen here.   Lou What Wear TRAKK Speaker
  5. S-Town– So if you’re into podcasts, you’ve probably crossed this one off your list but if not, you need to listen now.What starts with something of a true crime plot turns into this involved character study on a small-town genius and the various people in his life. It’s interesting, disturbing and varies between moments of humor and sadness. It’s by the team who created Serial and This American Life so the story telling is on point. Be prepared to binge. Listen Here. 

Lou What Wear TRAKK Speaker

In a quick #NERDALERT side note, the Entertainment Weekly Game of Thrones podcast is another weekly listen for me especially during the season because host James Hibberd covers the show for the magazine and has all the inside scoop. Sometimes, when I wish it would come back on TV quicker, I listen to old episodes. Like I said, I’m a huge nerd. But it’s a great listen if you’re into all the fan theories, backstories, book differences and family tree details.

Now that I have the TRAKK wireless portable speaker at home, I’m on the hunt for more good listens. While it is really pretty and looks nice on my table, I’d rather listen to it than just look at it. Like I said, I’m caught up on most of these so if you have some new ones to check out, holla. I love all things pop culture, true crime, random historical fun facts and I even dig the fictional ones. Basically, nothing is off the .

Want one of these for yourself, find it here on Amazon.

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  1. Lindsay says:

    BitchSesh is my favorite podcast ever. I love the Housewives talk, but the personal stories make me feel better about myself every week. Ha! And Dorinda is a national treasure.

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