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Louisville: Pedicure Party at Frenchies Modern Nail Care

Aug 14, 2018

Remember when I said I was going to do more Louisville-centric posts? Well, here we go. I’m finally getting my life together (just in time for back-to-school) and getting this blog back on track. First up, Frenchie’s Modern Nail Care.

You guys, this place is, in the words of Reese Davis, “Paaa-riiit – teee!” (say it outloud). Seriously, it’s really pretty. The owners, who is the sister of one of my good friends, invited me out to check it out and I agreed in a half second. Then I invited my girl Tabitha to join me and Reese for a little girls day. Pedicures for everyone!

Frenchie's Nail Salon Louisville * Nail Salon Louisville

Frenchie's Nail Salon Louisville * Nail Salon Louisville

Frenchies, which is located on Shelbyville Rd in Middletown, is not your typical nail salon. It’s bright, airy and open. The first thing I noticed, or didn’t notice I guess, is that there was no strong chemical smell. The brand is dedicated to being “super clean,” which means they don’t use any harsh chemical products. I was greeted with a big smile and the chance to pick out my pedicure scrub. Frenchies has a handful of options you can choose from the customize your pedicure experience. Both Tabitha and I went for the lavender but it was hard to pick a favorite.

Afterwards we picked out our colors – they carry mostly OPI products and the color selection was on point.  I went with a dusty blue for my toes while Reese went with pink sparkles, duh. Then we headed over to the pedicure station.

This is where Frenchies stole my heart. First off, I wanted all the pillows. Second, the set-up was so comfy. If you’re looking for clunky massage chairs that beat up your back, this is not your spot. Instead of those, they have bench seating with all kinds of relaxing pillows plus they drape a warm pillow around your neck to really amp up the relaxation. It’s good stuff.

p.s. – make sure to scroll all the way through for a discount code!

Frenchie's Modern Nail Care Louisville

Frenchies Modern Nail Care

The whole experience was great. Scarlett, my nail tech, was wonderful and the leg massage was amazing. The biggest differentiator at Frenchies is their commitment to “clean.” So there are no whirlpool sinks for pedicures, instead they have simple tubs that are cleaned out after every use. Also, any tools that cannot be disinfected are disposable so you have no fear of infections. If you’re committed to living clean, this is the nail spot for you. I will say, it’s a little out of the way for me so it will probably be more of a treat than a weekly occurrence but if I lived nearby, it would be a game changer. It’s really a perfect spot for a bridal party or a girl’s day/night since there’s lots of open air space for catching up and chatting.

All three of us had a great time. I will say that you’ll want to allow for a full hour for a Deluxe Pedi since it’s more of a spa like experience. I’m looking forward to stopping in again for a manicure since I didn’t have time for one when we stopped in.

Quick Tip: Don’t forget to tell your nail tech what shape you want your nails. I forgot to do this so they weren’t my normal square with rounded corners but that was my bad for just getting lost in the relaxation.

Want to try it out? Frenchies is giving readers a 10% discount on any service with the code LOUWHATWEAR10. They recommend making an appointment – which you can do online here  or by calling 502.618.0080– but you can drop in. And feel free to mention the code to redeem it in store.

Frenchie’s is located at 10414 Shelbyville Road in the shopping center with Rooster’s and Soccer Village (which is my most frequented Middletown spot these days). It’s just a little bit down from Hurstbourne Lane and Shelbyville Rd. Definitely recommend making an appointment and tag me in your pics if you stop in! Would love to see what colors you all are getting.

Frenchie's Nail Salon Louisville * Nail Salon Louisville * Modern Nail Salon

Frenchies Modern Nail Care

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Thanks so much to Frenchies Modern Nail Salon for inviting me in and sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts, opinions and random ramblings are my own.

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