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Mood Board: A Day at the Races

Apr 27, 2012

Derby is all any one can think about or talk about these days. And since I’ve been getting a lot of requests and a lot of searches regarding race day fashion – I thought I’d do one more Derby post. Here’s a little race day inspiration if you’re coming in town for your first Derby or even if you’ve been a (what seems like) a million times.

a day at the races

  • The Dress: I like to go with a simple silhouette and a dress with straps is a definite plus so you’re not pulling your dress up all day. If you keep your dress simple (read: one or two colors) you have more leeway to go bold with your hat – and really, isn’t that the fun part of dressing for Derby?
  • The Shoes: I love high heels. But leave the stilettos at home if you’re heading to the track. It’s a long day with a lot of standing not to mention the cobblestone that you’re apt to encounter at Churchill Downs. Opt for a pair of wedges or cute flat sandals, that way you’ll be able to stand and shout”Go Baby Go” all day instead of hunting for an open chair. If you do go the stiletto route, make sure to throw flip flops or sandals in your bag. You’ll need them.
  • The Clutch: Right now there are tons of cute, bright clutches to choose from. I’ll probably carry one with a shoulder strap so my hands are free to bet and hold on to a Mint Julep. Just make sure you have enough room for the essentials: cash, ID, phone (don’t want to lose a friend in the mass chaos of CD), sunglasses, a racing program and possibly a pair of shoes.
  • The Hat: This is by far the most important part of your Derby day attire so go big. An easy way to get a customized look is to pick a style hat you love and add color through flowers, feathers, etc. Dee’s Crafts is a great place to do this last minute (especially for out of towners). There are also hat set ups in the Marriott and Galt Houses downtown. If you’re local and need a last minute hat, call Maureen’s Creations (she’s helping me with my last minute request) or Jana’s Hat Box and let them help you get the perfect look.
Most importantly, just make sure to have fun. Pick your Derby horse, enjoy a Mint Julep and take in all the fun that is the Kentucky Derby.

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  1. Miranda says:

    Great inspiration…Is it sad I still am unsure as to what hat I am wearing for the festivities? Ughhh.


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