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moody master bedroom

Jan 5, 2021

I’ve told you all this before but when I get a DM it’s usually to discuss the latest Britney Spears post or whatever I’m binge watching. Certainly not my skin care routine or how I curl my hair. But one question I do consistently get is related to the color of my bedroom.

Whenever I post a picture taken in there, I end up getting asked about the color. I figured it was about time I posted about it over here. Mostly to save me from having to run down my basement to check the paint can after forgetting for the 15th time.

This moody blueish green is Night Watch by PPG Paints

I wish I could take credit for finding it but that was all thanks to Journey + Jacobs who helped me refresh the space a couple years back. I wanted a space that felt cozy and warm but also modern and clean. This color definitely makes a statement but doesn’t feel too dark. It’s just the right amount of moody.

Moody Master Bedroom Paint Color - Night Watch by PPG Paints

Wall Color: Night Watch by PPG Paints

We’ve had the color up in our room for a couple years now but I still love it. I do think this year I’ll make sure small decor changes to the space to brighten things up a little but can wholeheartedly recommend going with a bold color for a bedroom. I think this would be so pretty in a guest room too, create a little oasis for someone to sink in to when they come to stay for a couple days.

One thing I’d keep in mind is the amount of light your room gets. We have french doors and a full window that let in a lot of natural daylight that keeps the space from feeling to closed in. And if you end up using it in a room, let me know! Would love to see how you put your own spin on it.

Room Details:

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