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Who Run the World? Moms.

Apr 19, 2018

This post has been sponsored by American Greetings. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

They say if you want something done, ask a busy person to do it. But I think the phrase should really go –  if you want something done, ask a Mom to do it.

Moms just get stuff done. The ability to keep track of so many people’s schedules alone is worth a medal but moms are out there just killing it on so many different fronts and then making dinner at the end of the day.

So this year I’m committed to not just celebrate my mother – although she will definitely get her fair share of the celebration – but all the bad ass moms in my life. I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by so many smart, talented, funny and beautiful women all doing their best to make the world a little better. From my own mom, to my mother-in-law, my sister-in-law, and a whole tribe of friends who are killing the mom game. They all inspire me to be better but also serve as great role models for my kids. 

Mother’s Day always sneaks up on me. Since it’s always the weekend after the Kentucky Derby, it can get a little lost in the shuffle around here. But if there’s a holiday that we shouldn’t let get lost in the shuffle, it’s Mother’s Day. Because, duh, moms are the best. So I’m getting a jump on things this year and making a plan to honor as many of the moms in my life as I can with the best kind of simple gesture – a Mother’s Day card.

As a little kid, I thought cards were just a way to know who the present was from. As I got a little older, I loved going shopping for them. Combing through all the options to pick out the perfect one for each celebration, then getting super excited when I found one that fit the recipient to a tee.

I started saving cards when I was in college and now I have boxes of them – all simple, thoughtful memories of important times. Some have long notes, others just a couple sentences but whenever I go through them I feel so loved and remembered. I don’t think we do a good enough job these days of showing people we love them and it’s crazy how something as simple as a Mother’s Day card can make you feel so loved.

It’s important to me that my kids have that same experience and that they know that it’s not always about the present. The card can be just as good as the gift, if not better. It’s also important to me that they realize Mother’s Day is more than just a day for them to eat a fancy brunch and let me watch Netflix undisturbed.

So we kicked off one of our many regular Target sprees with a stop in their greeting card section to make sure we had all our moms covered for the holiday. Drew bopped around the cards hunting down a perfect card for Susu, Bebe, Mimi and Grandma Susie (when mom and dad both have divorced parents you get double the grandparents) while Reese gave approvals. While they narrowed down their favorites, I picked out the perfect cry-inducing card for my mom and found some funny ones for my besties.

When the kids asked why we had 10+ cards in our cart, I reminded them that you don’t only have to buy cards for your mom but for any mom that you think is awesome. We went through a list of people they think are pretty incredible and picked out a couple extra cards for them. Like their teachers, their friends’ moms, the mom that always offers to drive D3 home from practice when Drew is out of town and their Aunt Mal who always brings the sweetest, most thoughtful gifts.

We haven’t written notes in all our cards yet but I plan on making sure they write more than just “Love, Reese and Drew” on the inside. I’m sure there will be lots of stickers and crayons involved and I know they will make each person who receives one smile.

And for my besties, I plan on giving them theirs when we celebrate with our new tradition – Saturday Mom’s Brunch. We save actual Mother’s Day for the family but last year we all got together for a boozy brunch the Saturday before. No gifts just mimosas and lots of laughs with nowhere to be afterwards. Can we talk about the freedom associated with having brunch with no obligations afterwards? It’s like heaven. I highly recommend planning one for your best gals.

But before, make sure to swing into Target and grab them a card from the Mother’s Day section. I promise it will make their day.

p.s. – Want to save on yours? Visit your local Targets’ Mother’s Day card section to pick out a card for the Moms in your life and Be sure to check out the Target App for a Cartwheel offer on Mother’s Day greeting cards between 4/29 – 5/13.

Photos by Tabitha Booth

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