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my honest review of nuuly and how it stacks up against rent the runway

Jan 26, 2021

Hi, I’m Danielle and I love online shopping.

I love the thrill of the hunt, mesmerized by the endless scroll and get a little endorphin high from clicking “add to cart.” But this shopping addict knows that the majority of my purchases are boredom induced. Also, I inevitably end up buying the same types of things I already own – rarely stepping outside of my comfort zone (which I’m sure you know, involves a lot of black, white and stripe outfits). Enter Nuuly. 

First off, this is not sponsored at all. I first tried Nuuly last spring before the pandemic but then paused my account when we switched from dresses and heels to sweatsuits and sneakers. Last month, I decided to unpause my account since I’d fallen into the annual “I’m bored of all my clothes” routine but definitely did not need to drop a bunch of cash on new clothes.

About Nuuly

Nuuly is a subscription, clothing rental service similar to Rent the Runway. Each month you have the option to scroll through their site and select six items to rent for the month for $88. What sold me on it was the types of clothes available. The site is part of the Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Free People family of brands so you get that mix of items ranging from low-key lounge-y pieces to fun, party dresses and everything in between.

Overall the pieces are more casual and fit into every facet of life from hanging out on the weekends at home to the office to cute tops to wear out to dinner (you know, once every 4 to 6 weeks… haha). A lot of the pieces I’ve rented retail for over $150 which is awesome for boring to lounge around in and much better than splurging on a simple sweater.

The site has tons of colorful options (as you can see) that are helping me break out of my all black, white and denim rut. I love being able to rent these brighter, bolder pieces rather than buy since I normally get tired of a stand-out piece after a handful of wears.

The only con is that since some of the pieces are more causal, they can tend to show wear. Of the six pieces I rented, four were like new but a couple looked a little worn down. And while you can take 20% off any piece if you decide to buy it, I’d probably save this option for the pieces that look more like new.

I’m especially looking forward to using it when we get back to traveling more regularly or have special occasions, since I love getting new things but hate having to spend a fortune. The other serious pro is that you can pause it at anytime with one click (no emails, no calling), so you can hop back in whenever you like.

Nuuly Favorites

Nuuly vs. Rent the Runway

So how does it compare to Rent the Runway. I’ve tried both and really prefer Nuuly. The clothes feel much more wearable for everyday life than the RtR pieces. I do think RtR is great when you’re looking for occasion pieces. It’s by far superior if you’re looking for a black tie dress or a beautiful, stand out designer piece.

Nuuly is also less expensive per month and I feel like I get a lot more wear per piece from their boxes.

RtR has more designer, polished pieces but since I wear jeans or joggers to the office almost every day, I’m not really looking for those nicer pieces.


If you regularly shop at Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters, you’ll be familiar with the fits. Most of the Free People pieces run big, most of the Urban Outfitters stuff runs a little small and the Anthropologie pieces are pretty true to size.

I also spend a lot of time reading the reviews to see what people say about the fit and sizing. Lots of users add images too which is super helpful.

Most of my pieces fit but I did have a couple misses. One top was way too big and the pair of jeans I tried were WAAAAAAY too small (which was a bummer). For my next box, I think I’ll stick to tops, dresses and sweaters and shy away from jeans and pants unless I’m familiar with the way the brand fits.

What I’m Eyeing for My Next Box



The pros definitely outweighed the cons and I am already excited to get my next box. But as with anything there are both good things and bad, so here’s my thoughts.

Pros: The cost, the selection, the number of pieces (if you subscribe, every couple months they’ll throw in extra items for free) and the variety of types of clothes (work wear, dressy pieces, casual clothes, loungewear).

Cons: Some of the clothes can look a little worn, fit can be all over the place.

If you want to give it a try, you can get $10 off your first Nuuly box with code RF1079210946. 

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