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New Year, Same Old Me

Jan 7, 2019

Oh hey there friends!

I took a bit of a forced extended break over the holidays. All the big plans I had of posting last week were thrown out the window when I realized there was no chance of getting anything done with my kids home from school. I’ve never heard the word “mommy” so many times in my entire life. Those long stretches of time together had me questioning myself as a mother and human in general. Not saying there weren’t moments of fun – there were plenty – but those tiny tyrants brought me to my breaking point more than I care to admit.

But I’m back and ready to tackle the new year. And by tackle the new year, I mean mostly do the same things I did last year. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my rant on stories last night regarding all the “New Year, New You” faux-positivity that has overtaken my feed. I know every year there’s a flood of resolution posts but this year seems like it’s hit an all time high. By the response (I’ve never received so many DM’s before), you guys seem pretty over it too.

I’m all about making positive changes. If you want to eat better, do that. If you want to work out more, you go Glen Coco. If you don’t want to drink, don’t want to eat processed foods, don’t want to use beauty products from CVS, are swearing off swimming with sharks, no longer want to watch The Bachelor… PROUD OF YOU. But is it necessary to share every step of your decision making process and attempt with us on the internet? More importantly, is it necessary to act like you’re changing the world because you’re drinking juice for three days in a row?

Here’s the thing. I am 100% guilty of behaviors like this. I’ve shared juice cleanses, my goal to run the mini and probably lots of other annoying stuff but there’s something about this first of the year, “I’m going to be an entirely new person,” mentality that I can’t deal with right now. Again, I feel kind of like an asshole because I have certainly done my fair share of posturing and posing on the internet but it’s gotten exhausting and WAY too hard to keep up with everything out there.

graphic by @jessmessdesigns

My new year’s resolution: Keep on keeping on.

I’m walking into the new year as the same me. Basically I am this meme. Same person that wants to work out more but gets bogged down by mindless bullshit and has a hard to dragging herass to the gym. Same person that attempts to eat well the majority of the time but will also crush 12 Oreos in a sitting and/or eat a brownie for breakfast if it’s readily available. Same person that tries to kill it at work/home/life but will inevitably drop the ball on the regular.

And that’s okay.

It’s also okay if you change your mind halfway through the year and want to run a marathon, or start crossfit or cut out carbs. I’m down with all of it. I’m just over this whole January 1st is the day you change your entire life… and then tell the entire Interwebs about it.

Obviously it’s a little ridiculous that a person with a blog is saying all of this but it just seems like lately that my feed has become oversaturated with false perfection. The insanely clean kitchens, the playrooms exclusively filled with visually pleasing Melissa & Doug toys organized to perfection, the washboard abs, tropical vacations and new resort wear wardrobes.

I didn’t post a ton over the holidays mostly because I felt inadequate that my family and I weren’t jetting off to a fancy beach or ski vacation, that I didn’t orchestrate perfectly pleasant activities with my kids, I didn’t incorporate Christma magic at every turn. Mostly, we just tried to make it through the day with a few trips to the movies and bowling alley filled in for good measure.

I say all of this to remind us all that it’s cool to pursue your path. But you’re allowed for that path to be bumpy with some construction zones, dead ends, bad drivers and wrong turns along the way. More importantly (to me at least), it’s cool to stop for a cocktail and a cookie along the way. Even better if you have them together.

So instead of a New Year’s resolution, I’m promising to bring the same me into this year but I’m also promising to share more of the real side. Sure, I want a pretty grid as much as the next aesthetically-obsessed blogger but every once in a while, I think it’s high time we go back to having fun on social media instead of posturing all the time.

Hold me to it. Oh and be prepared for more rants because that’s the kind of mood I’m bringing into 2019.

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  1. Claire says:

    On New Years Day I thought you know, in 2018 I had a few months where I was eating well, working out and I felt great. I should try to stick with that in 2019.

    Two hours later I ate three pieces of pizza, put my kids down for a nap and ate peanut m&ms while watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo in my disaster of a house.

    Sometimes I think other people’s stories of success are really inspiring and I want to read about them. But I also want to read about your pizza and m&ms day, and if you never do anything like that, or worse if you do it and pretend you don’t, then that’s not interesting or relatable and it makes me feel bad.

    Really felt this one, thanks for posting!

    • Danielle says:

      YES! The quest for CONSTANT PERFECTION is the issue.

      Some days I’m on my shit. To-do list complete, work-out done and a well-balanced meal. Some days I wake up late, barely make it through the day and end up eating my kids KFC leftovers. Sharing your wins without ever sharing the losses or missteps does nothing to help others, it just sets up false expectations.

      Sharing both sides of the coin is what helps inspire people to know it’s possible to fall off the wagon but still achieve big things. Here for you friend! Thanks so much for reading! xx

  2. Lindsay says:

    No one has their shit together (believe me, I talk to people all day) but very few have the strength to admit it. We put up such strong false exterior walls when what we should be doing is shinning through with our inner beauty. People see through those walls eventually so it’s better to be honest upfront.
    There is momentum at the start of the new year and it is a good time to make new beginnings but the show on social media is a bit too intense and false. I’m up for making real connections with someone that I can trudge through life with.
    I like your mantra, New Year Same Me. I support you in that.

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