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On the Run

Jan 13, 2017

I’m no good at New Year’s resolutions – I feel like resolutions are a little too vague. I need things to be more concrete, more like firm goals. Two years ago, I made my New Year’s goal to run a the Kentucky Derby Mini-Marathon. I’m running it back (no cheesy pun intended but I’m happy about it) and making it my goal for 2017. May even try to take it up a notch by attempting to run it a little faster than my first attempt. It’s a little ambitious but I think I can do it.

Running long distances hasn’t always been my bag but I found the joy in it last time I trained. Before then, you couldn’t pay me to run more than one or two miles straight. Now I actually enjoy (I know, I’m the worst) a good, long run. There’s something almost mind-numbing about it, in the same way I find coloring or doing a puzzle somewhat relaxing. My thing lately has been to use it as a time to catch up on my favorite TV shows. So then I don’t mind running for 45+ minutes since I’m crossing one of my shoes off the list.

That’s not to say that I still don’t need a lot of motivation to get my butt on the treadmill. New workout gear has a somewhat magical way of making me actually want to work out. Yes, it’s totally ridiculous but I can’t be the only one that is motivated by new gear.

I’ve recently gone on a bit of an active wear shopping spree and this whole outfit was less than $100 (no like, WAY less than $100). I’ve obviously been on a bit of a black and white kick lately and these pants fit the bill without being too boring. Same goes for the tank and sports bra – fits the black and white bill with a little something extra.

I’ve worn these pants a few times already and everyone was so surprised when I told them they were a Meijer find. Yes, I may have veered into the activewear section on my last marathon shopping trip. It makes the grocery way more fun when you come home with new gear. First off, how cute is the back on this bra. I love it. Also, this sweatshirt is beyond comfy. It may be getting more use for my trips to the couch than my trips to the treadmill (#sorryimnotsorry).

But back to the running, if anyone has any great playlists or new shows I need to watch – send them my way. I’m going to need all the help, and by help I mean distractions, I can get.

Photos by Danielle Martin – Chapter 25 Photography 
Thanks to Meijer for sponsoring this post.



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  1. Such a great mini-Marathon course! Especially running through Churchill. Good luck!

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