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Outfit Post + Fitness: Ready to Run

Jul 15, 2016

Oh hey Friday – good to see you again!

First off, thanks so much for all the great feedback on yesterday’s post. I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels that way and I’m committed to sharing a lot more of what reality looks like. Starting now.

I’ve been living in some form of this outfit for the last few weeks. I find that if I put workout clothes on, they pretty much shame me into actually working out. That’s a good way to motivate yourself right? Shame. I just imagine I have that mean nun lady from Game of Thrones following me around chanting “Shame, Shame, Shame.” Okay no I don’t but any chance I have to throw in a Game of Thrones reference must be seized.

I have this Nike tank in both white and red. I basically alternate them throughout the week with maybe one other option thrown in. I love them. My recommendation would be to size up though since I feel like they run a little snug. I try to rock them when I’m going to Orange Theory since I feel like I try to up my athleisure game when I’m out with others. When I’m just running in my basement, there’s not as much desire to dress to impress (or not horrify others – either way).

I also got a lot of comments on this backpack on Instagram so I wanted to make sure I shared the details. It’s Spartina 449 and is so great. I’ve used it as a workout bag and to schlep around work stuff. It’s perfect for either since it’s big with lots of pockets. I can foresee carrying this when traveling with the kiddos too since it can fit a ton of their random crap along with my essentials. Basically, I am on the backpack train and not ashamed to admit it.

And lastly, I want to ask you guys for some advice. I love Orange Theory but want to incorporate some other workouts in to my routine. I heard from a friend that CycleBar is coming to town and one of my friends is teaching Pure Barre so I thought I might give that another go (feel like I could use a little more toning in my routine). I’ve also considered trying out boxing. Basically, I’m up for anything just want to make sure I go to the right spots and try out the best instructors. So send the recs my way.

Nike Running Tank (on sale in red now for $20 – here’s the link to the black & white one; love this one too)  | Aerie Move 7/8 Leggings (these are awesome and a great price) | Spartina 449 Backpack c/o | S’well Water Bottle | Nike Free RN Sneakers | FitBit Surge Photos by Whitney Neal

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