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Outfit Post: Hey Ya’ll

Aug 11, 2016

Is this week dragging for any one else? I feel like whenever you come back from a trip or vacation, the next week is like an eternity. It doesn’t help that I am trying to catch up on a million and one things that I let slide in preparation for, and then while I was on, my trip to Charleston. The to-do list may be a mile long now but it was worth it.

Not sure if you all love Charleston as much as I do but I’m working on a post that is sure to be a hit with longtime visitors and newbies alike. I’m getting some tips and recs from one of the Holy City’s finest – so stay tuned for that next week. And I’ve got about five ‘Five I’ve Tried’ Posts that I just need to finish up. Lots and lots of good beauty finds to share.

Keeping it short and sweet today – just like this Kentucky for Kentucky YA’LL tank. When I first got this, I was wearing it on the regular with denim shorts but just because I’m back to work, doesn’t mean I’m putting it on weekend only status. My theory is just throw a blazer over it and you’ve immediately dressed it up. Okay so I won’t be wearing it today for my back-to-back client meetings but it’s perfect for a more casual day behind my desk.

p.s. – Kentucky friends – if you haven’t spent too much time deciding between which t-shirt you’re going to make your own, head over now. Clearly I couldn’t pick just one since as I type this I’m sitting in this Louisville tee.  It doesn’t hurt that they are super comfy. This ‘Southern’ one is calling my name (and you don’t have to be from KY to love it and sport it).

Kentucky for Kentucky YA’LL Tank | J.Crew Regent Blazer | Banana Republic Skinny Jeans | J.Crew Elsie Heels 
Images by Whitney Neal




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  1. Liv says:

    Love your graphic t-shirt.


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