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Outfit Post: It’s The Most Wonderful {Party} Time of the Year

Dec 6, 2013

It’s Friday and it’s snowing. Things are good in my neck of the woods. I know some people hate the hassle of snow but I love love love it. I think it’s still the novelty of it all. I live for a good snow day.

And although I don’t live for a good party outfit, I definitely love one. So today, I’ve partnered up with a few of my favorite blogging pals (both old and new) for a fun party outfit styling. Whenever I do these, one of the best parts is seeing how different everyone’s style is and their individual take. For today’s, I’m mostly just jealous of Nikki and Beth’s ability to rock a jumpsuit. #longtorsoprobs And let’s no even discuss Ashley’s body – she is the only person I’ve seen rock a crop top to perfection. Love how she paired it with a longer (and super sparkly) skirt.

For my look, I decided to try and repurpose a dress I picked up this summer (on serious sale at Blink) by pairing it with some more wintery accessories. This leopard shrug is always begging to break out of the back of my closet this time of year and I tend to reach for it to add a little bit of drama to simpler pieces.

Holiday Party Style Collaboration
Nikki * My Style Diaries | Yours Truly
Beth * Seersucker + Saddles | Katie * Out and Outfit | Ashley * Side Smile Style
I’m pumped to introduce you all to Katie and her new blog Out and Outfit. Katie is a fellow UK gal and she’s just launched her Cincinnati-based blog. Definitely check out her preppy, fun style and spottings from around Cincy.

Nikki, Beth and Ashley are some of my most favorite people that I’ve met through blogging. Definitely one of the biggest bonus of starting this blog has been meeting witty, smart, stylish and just plain fun people and these two are some of the real deal. They all give off a pretty cool vibe online but I promise they are both even cooler in person. I just wish we all lived in the same place (and were hitting up the same holiday party). Our meet-ups are way too few and far in between.

Gold Heels * Lou What Wear * Party Outfits (11)Green Dress: Shoshanna; Necklace: c/o Dress & Dwell; Leopard Shrug: Macy’s (old); Heels: Shoemint
Gold Heels * Lou What Wear * Party Outfits (4)
Gold Heels * Lou What Wear * Party Outfits (2)
Gold Heels * Lou What Wear * Party Outfits (3)
Gold Heels * Lou What Wear * Party Outfits (7)
Gold Heels * Lou What Wear * Party Outfits (5)
Gold Heels * Lou What Wear * Party Outfits (8)
Gold Heels * Lou What Wear * Party Outfits (9)
Gold Heels * Lou What Wear * Party Outfits (10)
Gold Heels * Lou What Wear * Party Outfits (12)

Last but certainly not least (I’m going to bury the lead here), but you may have noticed, especially in this post, that I’ve had a little extra something going on in the midsection. At first, I thought it was just too much candy at work too but nope – we’re expecting our second little guy or gal this spring.

We found out a little over a month ago but I’ve waited until now to share (had to wait until it was getting a little obvious). I’m about 16 weeks along (aka not far enough) in case you’re wondering. As another side note, I won’t be making this a main focus (or even a secondary focus) of the blog. Yeah outfit posts will look a little different and I’ll mention it from time to time but otherwise – i’ll be keeping things along the same lines as they are now – awkward outfit posts, local fun and style spotting mixed in for good measure. Thanks for sticking around for the ride!

Photos by Whitney Neal.

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  1. Becky Nally says:

    Congrats to you! Hope you are having a smooth pregnancy! So are you someone who will find out the sex or be surprised? I did one of each! XO

    • Danielle says:

      Thanks Becky! Oh I am in the MUST FIND OUT camp. I lack the patience for waiting. That coupled with my OCD need to plan ahead and there’s no way I could wait. xo

  2. Nikki says:

    Love love that leopard shrug! That is fabulous! And congrats on your new addition!!


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