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Outfit Post: Rainy Days

Jun 15, 2016

Oh hey there… yup it’s me. I’m back. It’s been a while I know. I’m a little out of practice so bear with me. Things this last month have been a little bit crazy and have left my normally very structured schedule all out of whack.

Of course there was the new baby. Life with little Blake, and as a family of five, has been fun but certainly an adjustment. Just when we were getting into a groove, I got the call from work that I’ve been dreading for years. At my full-time job at Boxcar PR, we’ve been helping plan Muhammad Ali’s funeral for the last seven years or so. I always knew that when Muhammad passed, I’d need to drop everything and work with our team to put the plan in action. Well, as the world knows, he passed away last week so I put a pause on maternity leave to get to work putting together a celebration for the legendary boxer. Once it’s all sunk in, I was thinking of writing a post to share my experience. Not sure if it’s something you all would be interested in but if so, let me know. You can see a little of what it was like over here. 

So that’s why I haven’t posted on the regular in a couple weeks. I totally planned on getting back in the habit last week but that went out the window quick. I’ve got a lot of fun posts planned though and I’m looking forward to getting back in a groove over here.

First up, this rainy day look that I’ve had to turn to a couple times in the last couple weeks with all the storms we’ve been having. Probably going to have to pull out this rain jacket again today with another round coming through. How cute are these striped rain boots too? They’d be perfect to wear to a muddy music festival (aren’t they all) this summer.

Helly Hansen Stripe Rain Boots * Preppy Rain Gear_0950

Helly Hansen Lyness Rain Jacket (available in stripes here) c/o | Banana Republic Peplum T-Shirt (love this shirt so much I bought it in three colors – plus it’s on sale)| Banana Republic Denim Shorts | Helly Hansen Stripe Rain Boots c/o
Helly Hansen Stripe Rain Boots * Preppy Rain Gear_0951 Helly Hansen Stripe Rain Boots * Preppy Rain Gear_0952 Helly Hansen Stripe Rain Boots * Preppy Rain Gear_0953 Helly Hansen Stripe Rain Boots * Preppy Rain Gear_0955Photos by Whitney Neal. 

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