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Outfit Post: Red

Oct 6, 2015

Judging by today’s post title, I’m not feeling particularly clever or creative today. I think all  my creativity has been sucked up by work these past couple weeks. Work is also to blame for the haphazard posting I’ve been doing of late. Every day I make a plan to get my s**t together, stick to my to-do list and for once, get ahead of things. Every day that plan goes out the door by 9:30 am… 10 if I’m lucky.

I’m one of those people that desperately wants to be an organized planner but really is one who flies by the seat of their pants – just knocking things out as they come my way. No amount of fancy and exceptionally pretty planners can help (seriously, I know. I have three right now).

So all of that nonsense is to say that I’m well aware of my crappy record of posting these days and that I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a little downtime this month to get caught back up on this side of the coin. As always, I’ve got a bunch of ideas floating around about things I’d like to do or do more of over here but time gets in the way – so I’m going to carve out some time this month to make it happen. Feel free to bet against it though!

Today’s outfit has that one foot on one side of the fence, one on the other feel that my life has had lately (you like how I brought that full circle). This plaid is firmly footed in fall but since it’s still pushing 80 degrees outside, I haven’t quite given up on the white jeans. I wore this combo to dinner a couple weeks ago (and layered this navy blazer with it) just as an excuse to break out these heels (another great Gilt pop-up find). Since then though, I’ve been wearing this shirt with everything from slim navy pants for work to comfy jeans for laying around watching football. The fabric isn’t your typical plaid – it’s a little silkier so it can easily be dressed up or down. Love it – which is less than I can say for my hair in these pics so proceed with caution.

Sam Edeleman ‘Cosette’ Zip Back Plaid Shirt from Nordstrom  | Joe’s Jeans White Skinny Jeans | Cassadei Red Heels (scored at the Gilt sale; similar and more affordable option here)
Red and Blue Plaid Shirt * Sam Edelman from Nordstrom * Fall OutfitsPSam Edeleman Plaid Shirt * Red Heels_0434Photos by Chelcey Tate.

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  1. I have the same idea in mind every morning, and that plan is usually out the door around the same time as yours. It’s the thought that counts, right?

    Josh | The Kentucky Gent

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