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Outfit Post: Spring Stripes

Mar 9, 2016

Stripes are a habit that no bump is going to break.

I’ve made it to 30 weeks (woo hoo!) – let the countdown begin –  but truth be told these pics were taken about a week or a week and a half ago – just full disclosure there. I’ve tried to stay active and keep working out (mostly because my Fitbit sits there silently shaming me when I don’t) but I’ve noticed a serious slow down in the last couple weeks. I’m a big fan of Orange Theory and yesterday when I went, I officially became a power walker. Made me feel like I need to wear leg warmers, high tops and a headband. I’ve tried to keep running for as long as possible and still managed to do a little bit of jogging but this baby has finally put the breaks on me pretending that I’m not pregnant. Well, that and the side eyes and stares I kept getting from people. Yeah I get it people, there’s a giant preggo on the treadmill next to you. I promise not to pass out. Side note: do people not realize that I can see them staring and making faces? My eyes are not broken, I can see you. I guess it’s okay as long as you don’t try to rub the bump like I’m going to grant you three wishes. <Rant Over>

Sorry that was annoying wasn’t it? I can’t help it these days – getting a little cranky. Makes for really good Secondary Embarrassment Bachelor recaps but not so great for day-to-day interaction.

Anyways… the good news about this outfit is, that once again, both of these tops are non-maternity. I love this stripe top – you can see it looking a little more normal here – for layering. It’s just long enough and fits well but not too tight. Easy basics like this have been my go-to lately. I’m just hoping I can find enough stuff like this to last me through May.

I did just scoop a bunch of stuff at Old Navy (some of which I’ll be stowing away to wear this summer) and I’ll do a round-up this afternoon of some of my favorite finds. Want to get it out there since there’s SO much good stuff and it’s all 35% off today (kinda bummed since I ordered stuff yesterday when it was 30% off – missing that extra 5% cause I’m so cheap).

Stripe T-Shirt from Nordstrom (I like this split neck version better AND it’s only $16) | Banana Republic Draped Jacket (they have it again! + it’s an extra 40% off now)| J.Crew Tassel Flats (similar without the tassel here) | J.Crew Skinny Maternity Jeans 

Photos by Whitney Neal

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