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Outfit Post: Sunshine State Showdown * The U vs. FSU

Nov 15, 2014

I can be quite the confusing fan so apologies in advance but when it comes to football my heart belongs to the U. Growing up in Miami during those early 2000’s heydays with season tickets pretty much cemented a devotion to the U.

Since then, it hasn’t been so easy being a Canes fan but I’m predicting (or really wishing/hoping/praying for) that the tide may turn today. Yeah I know FSU is undefeated, #2 in the country and led by a Heisman Trophy winner but this is a rivalry game and we’ve got Duke Johnson (look him up, he’s dope).

Last year, my gal Nikki from Bedazzles After Dark and I teamed up (or faced off) for a little game day showdown. See as much as I love Nikki (funny, smart, great style and one of my favorite gals to blog talk with), I still haven’t been able to convince her to come over to the light and become a Canes fan. So this year we’re doing another sunshine state showdown with a little help from the gals at Moon and Lola. Personally, I think the Florida necklace looks way better in green than scarlet but you can make the call.

Seriously though, no matter who you root for (or even if you could care less about sports), these state necklaces make the best presents. And they have more than just necklaces, pair of studs for your bestie. You could even do a fun lapel pin for your grandma. And there you go, you’ve just knocked off half your Christmas shopping list. To anyone that’s listening, I’m adding a Kentucky blue one to my wishlist.

Last but not least, my game day dressing has become pretty automatic (read: predictable or basic). Comfy button down in team colors, jeans, additional layers in team colors. Go.

I don’t have much orange gear but this stripe button-down has that orange-y hue and then, once again, I layered one of Drew’s vests over.  The biggest challenge really is that I don’t have much cold weather Canes gear so chances are I’ll be actually watching tonight’s game in my favorite jersey (yup you read that right) but I didn’t think that’s a look many of you would want to emulate. Either way, Go Canes!

 Stripe Button-Down: Banana Republic (old); Tee: Forever 21; Florida State Necklace: c/o Moon and Lola; Jeans: Gap; Sneakers: New Balance; Vest: Patagonia; Hat: c/o State Traditions

Check out Nikki’s Look Here


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  1. I LOVE the vest layered over the striped cardi – super sporty and SUPER cute! I am so jealous of how well you can pull off the jeans and sneakers outfit. You make it look so stylish and chic yet comfy! I am so glad we got to “face off” again. #GoNoles!
    Nikki at

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