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The Most Random Thing I Love About Summer

Jun 12, 2018

I sat down to work on this post and really had no idea what to write about. Just a big old wall of writer’s block looking me in the eye. And then it hits me… the sweet ding of ridiculously stupid TV … aka my favorite kind of television. So, as it often does, I let mindless TV inspire me.

Does anyone else LOVE cheesy game shows? I’m sitting here playing along to The $100,000 Pyramid and since I’m not really watching the screen and, man oh man, this show is good. Cheesy as all hell but so good. I love that final round. I feel like I would crush it on this show.

This comes right on the heels of a very serious conversation I had over the weekend about Supermarket Sweep and Mall Madness (was that what it was called?). Me and a couple friends were having a very in-depth discussion on our Supermarket Sweep strategy. Obviously first you go for the hams, then the coffee, then it’s a toss-up but I said you gotta go to the laundry detergent, right? I’m thinking they should bring this one back. Imagine how intense people would be now in those aisles. I’d probably be the first to apply.

I also am v. v. bummed that I missed last night’s Kardashian/West Family Feud episode. Do you all think it’s available On Demand? Yes, I would watch a game show On Demand. #noshame

Clearly, summer has too many game shows on but I’m not mad about it. Summer also means every store you walk into is stocked full of palm print. Not mad about that either. Picked up this maxi from Dress & Dwell last week. Saw it on one of the girl’s working there (hey Shelby!) and HAD.TO.HAVE.IT.

I absolutely love it (FYI – it runs a little big) but if you grab it, you may need to pick up some of that fabric tape to make sure the under boob part stays put (sorry if that’s TMI). I’m thinking of wearing it to a party Friday and feel like there could be some indecent exposure unless I tape things down. But guys, if you’re in need of a fun summer dress, this one is under $75 and feels like it’s way fancier. Seriously, go get it before they sell out.

Summer Maxi Dresses

Give Me All the Palm

Blithe Cole Tropical Print Maxi Dress c/o Dress & Dwell 

Talbots Suede Block Sandals c/o 
Target Round Handle Crossbody Bag 
H&M Tasseled Earrings (only $13!)

p.s. – these heels are perfect for tall gals that want a little height with a maxi but don’t want it to be all up high on your ankles (come on, you know what I mean). I hate when maxis hit in a weird spot around your ankles so these are just right. Plus, they’re 40% off right now.

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