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Required Reading: New Year Edition

Jan 4, 2014

In honor of the new year, I’m making a resolution to make “required reading” a weekly feature again. It’s always one of my favorite posts and I love looking back on them to see exactly what was inspiring me that week (it’s also fun to share the love). So it’s back.

This weekend we’re tackling some a little painting project (super little – it’s our upstairs landing) and trying to get our lives together before it’s back to the daily routine. We’re also heading out with some friends tonight and I’m looking forward to trying a restaurant that’s been on my “must try” list for a while.

And before we hop into the links, I guess I’ve been pretty evasive (and sneaky) about sharing any news about being pregnant. I can’t lie, I am possibly one of the world’s worst pregnant people. I’d have a houseful of kids if you could just skip over the 10 month part (nine months is such a lie). I shouldn’t complain, I’ve never had any serious issues but the whole thing just doesn’t sit well with me. Mostly because I am a crazy control freak and this is a totally uncontrollable experience (that lasts forever!). Also, the whole no drinking thing is a bummer and the insane amount of acne I get makes me feel like I’m going through puberty for the first time. Fun, right?

But enough of my bitching and moaning, since we’re all friends, here’s the scoop: I’m {almost} 20 weeks along (I like to round up) and we’re having a little girl on May 28th (hopefully sooner). I’m pretty nervous about having a little girl – especially since I have vowed for years that I only wanted to have boys (obviously I have no say in that matter). Hopefully you all will bear with me as I make it through the next few months. Just shot some pictures yesterday so we can officially start the maternity style journey (makes me nervous).

c488471c158f7d209cb09787a86030a8I’ve been all over my favorite blogs over the holidays and spending way too much time on Pinterest, so here’s a little of what I’m loving. Oh and seriously guys, good things are going to happen.

* Over the holidays, I changed my desktop background to something festive but new year, new monitor. So I headed straight over to Design Love Fest and found these gorgeous downloads by Britt Bass (they have they for your phone too). Obsessed.

* My love for Beth {seersucker + saddles} is massive (missing our regular lunch dates) and I couldn’t have been prouder of her when I read this post. The outfit is pretty awesome too.

* Looking for some fashion inspiration for the new year? Want to step out of your comfort zone in 2014? Head over to Bethany’s {the b soup} round-up and get ready to start pinning.

* I’ve recently discovered Missy’s {the pink pistachio} blog, through Pinterest obviously (this outfit specifically), and she’s got a new fan. Love the mix of fashion, family and lifestyle. This all-black look is definitely right up my ally right now. I’ll be adding it to my inspiration board asap.

* This look from Shelby {glitter & gingham} has all my favorite elements, a little print, a little sass and a loose, casual feel. Oh and there’s a giveaway too. Start of the new year by winning a little something.

* Winter white looks so fresh and Sarah’s {raving fashionista} winter ballerina look makes me want to wear tulle (not an option these days), I may just have to settle for white jeans and a cozy camel sweater.

* Last but certainly not least, Devon {Devon Rachel} in this coat makes me seriously sad that it’s sold out. I may need to start combing ebay for this colorful topper.






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  1. AJ says:

    So I DIDN’T miss the announcement! So excited for you. I think you will really enjoy having a little girl, and your son will love being a big brother. 🙂


    • Danielle says:

      haha, i technically announced it a few weeks ago but it was buried at the bottom of the post! this time i gave it a little higher billing!
      thanks lady – we are excited (and I am neeeerrrvvvvous).

  2. Jessica says:

    Oh lady, congrats on the new addition to your family. I’ve never been preggers, so I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult it is to grow a human. But good luck! I am excited to see what all 2014 holds for you!
    Enter my current giveaway!

    • Danielle says:

      thanks jess! let me tell you, the growing part ain’t all it’s cracked up to be but the end result is pretty fab.
      just gotta get through these next few months!

  3. Sorry I’m so late to the game but CONGRATULATIONS on your sure to be stylish little lady on the way! 😉

  4. I know it’s totally belated, but CONGRATULATIONS!

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