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Required Reading: On the Bright Side

Jan 19, 2014

You all thought I was going to blow the resolution today right (slash you totally didn’t care one way or the other)? Just running a little behind {in life} but I’m trying to keep up (if you’ve ever had plans with me, you know I’m always 10-15 minutes late).

So in the last four or five days, carrying around this little kiddo has really started to catch up with me. I’ve officially entered the perpetually cranky phase where things don’t fit, the person in the mirror looks oddly different and I can’t help but get a little down. Up until only a week or so ago, I could still figure out ways to make some of my regular clothes work and still didn’t look totally preg. Now, it’s all acne, a puffy face and clothes that don’t fit. Sounds fun right? All that glowing stuff has never really happened for me, I’m still convinced that’s an urban legend (along with this whole thing only taking 9 months).

Despite all of that, I’m trying to keep my inner Debbie Downer at bay and focus on the bright side of things. This weekend those included a delicious dinner to celebrate Drew’s birthday and scoring some awesome tickets to see the Cats play. I’ve got another busy week coming up so I’m soaking up this Sunday with lots of lazy couch time (thinking about starting Orange is the New Black in between football watching). Hope you’re making today a good one too and keeping your eyes focused on the bright side.

Image found via Pinterest

* If you’re in need of a good laugh, these Craigslist text pranks will do the trick.

* Loving Beth {Beth Animal Print} in this little black & white dress. p.s. – how cute is her haircut?

* Gathered a lot of inspiration from Meghan’s {Wit & Whimsy} post on making beanies look chic. Expect one to make an appearance over here in the near future.

* I’ve been following Grace {A Southern Drawl} for a while after finding her blog when working on a partnership for a client. She’s another Louisville gal with a great sense of style (and if you love preppy style, she’s your gal). Love this black and white jacket and big congrats to her for being named a Derby Princess (it’s a big deal in these parts).

* Loved seeing one of my blogging favorites (and always inspiring) Grace {Stripes + Sequins} on another favorite site – The Everygirl. Definitely check out her feature.

* This blue number from Cathy {Poor Little It Girl} has me wishing I could pull something similar off right now. Cozy, cute and chic.

* Usually around this time of year, I start planning for Drew’s annual company sales trip. Pretty bummed to have to sit this year out but if you’re heading somewhere tropical (or are lucky enough to live somewhere warm) anytime soon, consider adding this maxi to your closet. I’ve found it in two colors and am obsessed with both. A little pricey but i’m thinking it’s worth the splurge. You’d be able to dress it up or down from spring through fall.

* If you have a quick second, head over here and give me a quick vote. I’m in the hunt to make it to WWD Magic and would love your help in getting there! Promise it will just take a second. (p.s. – you have to like the page to vote, you can always unlike it right after you vote.)


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  1. Meghan says:

    You’re so sweet to include one of my posts- I appreciate it! Your blog is darling xo

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