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Required Reading: Snowy Saturday

Feb 8, 2014

This week was both a whirlwind and never ending – a seemingly impossible combination but trust me, that’s what it felt like. I’m one of those people who get anxiety when I’m away from my desk because I hate not being able to stay on top of things and it drives me crazy when I’ve planned out my week and then the rug gets pulled out. The rug got pulled out and three days away left me spending yesterday trying to get organized and back on track.

I’m back on track… for now. But that can all change with one snow day or another client emergency. It wasn’t all controlled chaos though. On Thursday night, my friend Courtney hosted a crazy fun “Favorite Things” party. The concept was for everyone to think of their favorite thing under $10 (it could be a couple things or just one). Then bring three of them to the party and share. Everyone went home with three favorites which felt like a combination of Christmas and a smaller scale version of the Oprah favorite things show.  I’m going to do a full wrap up on it and show off the big list of favorite later this week so stay tuned. Some were some long-standing favorites but people got really creative and the list is full of really good recommendations.

Look like winter will never end, so I’m going to try and spend this weekend {finally} finishing the 4th Song of Ice & Fire book aka the Game of Thrones series – go ahead and judge me. It’s cool. I’m not ashamed to say I’m into nerdy, fantasy stuff and the show is my most favorite since LOST (and that’s saying something). Since everyone is like reading an encyclopedia, I’m hoping to finish it up so I can get on to reading other books for a while. Got any good recommendations?

pink centerpieces Image found on Pinterest

* I noticed last week that a lot of you all clicked through on the Pinterest recommendation (last week’s was The Style Scribe) so I thought I’d keep it up and share another favorite, must-follow: Mandy {Waiting on Martha}. Amazing style, delicious food and sweet treats and the kind of event styling we can all only dream about. Make sure to click ‘Follow All.’

* One dress for now and later (here’s hoping the later comes soon!) on Nikki’s {Bedazzles After Dark} has me ready for spring but willing to try and make some of my brighter, more colorful looks cold weather appropriate in the mean time.

* Stumbled upon The Captain and the Gypsy Kid and I’m now obsessed. Between their amazing personal photography and the mesmerizing compilations, I spent a good 20 minutes exploring the site. This is a mom/family blog I can get behind and not just because they are living the boho fantasy life of my dreams.

* Mary {M.A.S. Fashion} is making me want to add some big and bright earrings to my jewelry arsenal. Most of the time I feel like big earrings don’t work on me but she has me wanting to give it another go.

* I’ve been trying to avoid shopping for both saving purposes and because right now the winter abyss doesn’t leave much room for fun dressing but the lure of these flats – both practical and fun for spring – is just too strong. Finally pulling the trigger on these pretty in pink puppies.

* And in case you missed it, check out my Valentine’s Day feature on Sun Tan City’s blog.

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  1. Bethann says:

    Sorry hear your week was hectic! I hate weeks like that. The ‘Favorite Things’ party sounds really fun though – what a killer party theme! xoxo, Bethann

  2. How awesome does that “Favorite Things” party sound? I definitely want to try that sometime! Thanks for the shout out pretty lady!
    Nikki at

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