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Seconday Embarrassment: The Bachelor is Back!

Jan 5, 2015

I had all sorts of plans for today’s post being about something other than The Bachelor but then I realized, I’m too excited to blog about anything other than the bonanza of secondary embarrassment that starts back up again tonight. I know that there are a large portion of you judging me right now and you know what – I’m cool with that.

Quick back story: A little while back, blogging at was a habit and The Bachelor franchise was my drug of choice. Think long-ass recaps going into every amazingly horrible detail of the show. I’m not proud to admit that I took notes while watching the show. But then watching the show became a task instead of the TV candy it’s meant to be and I quit writing them. But I’m going to bring it back, just in a mini, bite size form. If snark is not your style, I suggest skipping over any future check-ins as well as avoiding my old recaps. Things could get brutal. Sorry I’m not sorry.

But back to tonight’s premiere. I am personally not prepared for committing three hours of my life over to this first episode but since it’s Chris Soules, I’m willing to give it a go. Love that farmer so much (for now). The thing about The Bachelor franchise is that it is so bad, it’s so good. The ridiculousness, the crying, the amazing talent these gals have for doing their hair and make-up (seriously – how are all of them so good at beachy waves), the fits of desperation, the fights, I love it all. So go ahead and judge me but if loving The Bachelor is wrong, I don’t want to be right. Although I will say this season’s promos are just a little much (that sing-song rhyming one is just the worst).

I wish I could make a firm commitment to live-tweet every episode but we (Yes, we. I watch the show with Drew and he also basks in all the secondary embarrassment glory) usually don’t start them until at least 30 minutes in so we can fast-forward through the commercials and the particularly painful moments. I will be doing short recaps on Tuesdays with my five (sometimes it may get doubled because we all know hometowns, fantasy suites and other ridiculousness is too good to contain) favorite moments of each episode. I may even try to track down some of the better outfits although that may be a little ambitious of me (and we all know Possesionista crushes those).

Happy Watching!

Photo: Matthew Putney, ABC Television



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  1. Lauren says:

    D! We all know I am in full support of this venture! Let’s do it!

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  3. Taylor says:

    I love Chris’s outfit in this photo! It has Trunk Club written all over it!

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