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Shopping: Five Gifts for the Fitness Buff

Nov 17, 2015

One of my favorite things to shop for is fitness gear. It’s all very aspirational since I love shopping for the stuff more than actually lacing up my sneakers. Scratch that, I do love working out it’s just getting there that’s the battle. So when you’ve got a slew of good gear, it definitely makes getting ready for the gym a lot easier.

Fitness goodies make for a great gift since we’re all extra motivated to get going after the holidays. Something about a month of cookies, cakes, pies and delicious, butter-filled side dishes will do that to you. If you’ve got a fitness buff on your list but aren’t quite sure what to put under the tree for them, one of these five gifts will surely earn you some brownie points (but probably not any actual brownies).

five gifts for the fitness buffFitbit Fitness TrackersSurge, Charge and Flex + Tory Burch Bracelet Options | Andi New York Large Signature Tote | Swell Heart Print Water Bottle | Printed Sports Bras – 1, 2 & 3 | Nike Lunarglide Sneakers

When it comes to picking out fitness gear, look for stuff they might not buy for themselves. We’ll all snag that $12 bra at Target but might not splurge for a fun, printed option. I’m also a victim of using whatever tote bag is at the top of my closet to pack up my gear and know I’d much rather be packing my outfit in this camo gym bag along with this cute water bottle – cause you know you gotta stay hydrated.
Plus you can make someone their own customized pair of Nike’s – they’ll think of you every time they hit the road. This pair is ready-to-go but you can mix and match options, colors and prints galore on the site. If you decide to go this route, clear a little time to get it just right. Lord knows, this queen of indecision always takes FOREVER to pick the perfect combination.
And since five is never enough, here’s a few more bright options that will be sure to please.

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  2. Grant says:

    Cute outfit! Love how that coloured scarf finishes it 🙂

  3. Grant says:

    I love here! these photos are beautiful

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