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Shopping: Make Mom’s Day * Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Apr 23, 2016

In all the Derby madness around here, Mother’s Day is taking a little bit of a back seat to the festivities. That’s no bueno since we all need to celebrate our Moms, no ifs ands or buts about it. So with two weeks to go, I suggest you make your brunch reservations now, go grab a card and order a little something for Mom before you forget. My biggest tip: Don’t Forget!

Yes, your mom is going to say that all she really wants is to spend time with you but a thoughtful little gift will certainly go a long way. I’ve rounded up some gifts that keep on giving (one of my favorites), gifts that will remind Mom of you every morning and gifts for her to spend a little time treating herself.

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1. Fitbit Alta – Challenge your mom to a weekly step contest – which will be especially fun if you live in different cities. It’s a fun way to stay in touch and stay active. See a big spike in her steps one day? Call her to see what she was up to. She’ll love it.

2. DITTO Sunglass Subscription – Sunglasses are expensive but you can give Mom three months of designer sunglasses for way less than the cost of one. Plus she can swap out the pairs whenever she likes. For $24/month you get to try tons of designer frames and then send them back when you’re tired of them. It’s like old-school Netflix for sunglasses. Even better, you can get the first month free when you use code LOUWHATWEAR

3. New Mom + Ladies First totes – Pick one of these cute totes and then fill it with goodies your mom will love. For my mom it would be trashy gossip magazines, lots of candy and a couple new nail polishes. For a new mom, you could throw in a little present for her – like a gift card for a massage or facial or one to the mall where she can pick out something new.

4. Fresh Mask Set – I love a good mask set but never really want to splurge on one for myself. I’m guessing a lot of moms out there are like that. So grab this set of three for Mom that she can use whenever she needs a little spa-time at home. Pair it with some bath bombs and a bottle of wine for extra brownie points.

5. ‘The Boss’ mug – You know your mom is a boss. Remind her as she sips her coffee every morning. She’ll think of you whenever she pours a cup. Make it extra special and write a little note on the bottom in a permanent marker.

6. Tory Burch Espadrilles – For the chic and fashionable mom (or the one you want to make chic and fashionable). This is kind of a splurge gift but shoes always make a girl smile and these are simple enough to suite lots of moms’ style. But if you want more options, I rounded up a bunch over here. Go big and give it to her with…

7. Old Navy Sundress – Suit your mom up for summer with a new sundress to pair with the espadrilles. This one is, again, simple enough to please a lot of different styles and ages. Perfect by itself or with a cute jean jacket or vest on top, she’ll wear it all summer and think of you every time she throws it on. Here’s a couple more options that I love…

. Max Wanger ‘Country Line’ photo print – A piece of art is my favorite gift, hands down. It’s seems like a splurge at first but it is something that will truly be appreciated every day. And it’s something very special and thoughtful. Picking a piece of art for someone shows you know their style and what they love. It doesn’t have to take up a whole wall, something small does the trick just as well. Think of it as a grown-up version of painting her a picture like you did in grade school.

9. La Mer ‘The Introductory’ starter collection – Like I said before, products are expensive and not something we often want to splurge on. Do mom a proper and indulge her with this La Mer starter set. You know she’s read about it in all the magazines, why not finally let her give it a try.

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