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Shopping: Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Gals

Feb 3, 2016

Valentine’s Day, Shalmentine’s Day.

No this is not some Bitter Betty post about Valentine’s, so don’t get all in a twist. Here’s the thing. I dig Valentine’s Day in the sense that I love candy (LOVE candy) and the opportunity to tell someone you love them when you might not otherwise be so inclined. I think Valentine’s Day is a little overblown in the whole ‘do something super romantic and sometimes pricey’ sense. If that’s your thing, more power to you. I think I’d be on board if I had more disposable cash and was looking for a reason to embrace the ‘treat yoself’ mantra. But I’m not and so, I can’t.

Here’s the other thing with Valentine’s Day. You’re going to see all kinds of really cute, adorable, sweet things and your man is, more than likely, not going to get any of them for you. He’s not combing the online Valentine’s Day gift guides looking for some sweet treat. At least mine isn’t. So that’s why I fully embrace the Valentine’s Day as a (and I know it’s cheesy) Galentine’s Day. Back in college, my bestie Kelly and I would always exchange Valentine’s Day gifts. And it’s a tradition we (almost always) continue to this day. Just a little happy to show my best gal that she’s loved.

At my office, we do a Secret Cupid gift exchange that works exactly like Secret Santa except no guys are allowed (is that an HR violation? oh well, we don’t care – it would be weird). A couple years ago, one of my friends even threw a Favorite Things party and it was the perfect Valentine’s Day treat. I went home with a few awesome favorite things, drank wine, hung out with good people and called it a night. No pressure, all fun.

So my vote for Valentine’s Day is to round up some gal pals for a fun gift exchange (White Elephant style would work too) over drinks. Or just snag a sweet treat for yourself to enjoy while combing through that Russell Stover’s box for all the good chocolates.

valentine's day collage

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p.s. – I can’t say enough good things about the Kate Moss Rimmel lipsticks. So good and under $5.
Oh and if you go for the rosebud salve, go for the tube. WAY less messy than the tubs.


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    Love this! <3

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