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Sneaking In Some Solo Time this Summer

Aug 2, 2017

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of PEOPLE®, InStyle®, and Sunset®. The opinions and text are all mine.

First off, here’s a challenge – say the post title five times fast. Okay, now that we have that over with…

Summer is the best (and I never want it to stop as previously mentioned here) but it is BUSY. I can’t remember if it was always this busy or if it’s just a different type of jam-packed this year. Since leaving my job to start my own business, I’m on a much more flexible schedule which you might think means lots of “me time” but that’s hardly been the case. Honestly, I feel like I have less time to myself now that I’m not holed up in an office most of the day. Part of that is good but all the running around has left me frazzled.

I feel like our mornings start later, camp pick-up is early and there are so many summer activities and events. I’m not complaining because most of it is fun stuff, but almost every day is a mad dash, running from one thing to the next while trying to squeeze in some work in between. That is, except for Friday afternoons.

When I left my job, my business partner Lynsey and I made one promise to each other – Summer Fridays (that may turn into Fall Fridays and Winter Fridays and Spring Fridays). After noon on Fridays is officially the weekend. Which lately means, my one chance to run off to the pool alone. Yes, ALONE.

It is like a sweet slice of heaven to be poolside without having to ensure one kid isn’t eating snacks off the floor, another isn’t looting the snack bar and the third isn’t running wild here, there and everywhere (while also trying to get every last treat from the snack bar). I don’t have to be on high alert making sure someone isn’t drowning, stealing someone else’s float or losing yet another pair of goggles.

The best part – the quiet. Yeah, there may be other kids there screaming their heads off but they’re not MY kids. My Friday pool escape is the only time of the week I feel like I’m responsible solely for myself. Even if it’s just for one hour. Like I said, it’s heaven.

It’s also the only time I get to read a magazine unattended. Back in the day (you know, when I hiked uphill 6 miles to school in the snow), I used to crush magazines poolside. There was hardly something on the newsstands that I hadn’t read cover-to-cover. Now I feel like I have to sneak away to my closet to read a magazine. So my Friday escapes, I try to pile as many in my bag as humanly possible and get all my gossip and beauty tips in one sitting. I always bring PEOPLE®, read every last word and then swap with a friend. Basically, I try to get in all my celeb gossip while figuring out what movies I would love to see (but probably won’t – at least not until it’s on demand) and what books I’d love to read (but clearly won’t have time for).

Images by Tabitha Booth

My move is to pick it up on the way out to the pool when I run into Albertsons to pick up snacks and a giant water.  It’s easily the best $5 I spend all week and the only time I can read something without answering 324324289492 ridiculous questions in between (can you tell I have so many kids?). Basically, it’s the best part of my week – I mean, my family is great and all, and I love them a ton but sometimes you just gotta find a little peace and quiet.

Also, here’s a link for the coupon at Jewel-Osco and a link for the coupon at your local Safeway banner store that will save you $2 on a PEOPLE, InStyle, or Sunset magazine! And let me know, which magazine you like to read while enjoying your “Me Time”: PEOPLE, InStyle, Style Watch®, Real Simple®, Sunset, or Southern Living®?

Tell me which one and why in the comments below, and you could win a $50 Albertsons gift card.


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  1. Megan says:

    For years I called my People the highlight of my week. Bring on the celebrity gossip! But now I too have too many kids (and adding a two year old to the fam in a couple of weeks-eek!). An hour solo by the neighborhood pool sounds heavenly.

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