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So Fresh and So Clean

Aug 2, 2016

I’m guessing you noticed that things are looking a little different around here today. I’m dying to know, what do you guys think?

Hopefully you like it cause I sure do. And before I give you the quick run-down of the changes, I am going to do a quick humblebrag and give myself a pat on the back because I re-designed this bad boy all by myself. Yup, it’s taken me for freaking ever with lots of help from the interwebs and I’ve been frustrated more times than I can count – like when I added one weird symbol, caused a fatal error and had to reset all my edits {palm to forehead} – but here it is!

I wanted to give the site a fresh new look and also give you all access to older content that you may have missed along the way. I also know that some of you are just stopping by occasionally for the Louisville-centric posts, others are just looking for style inspiration, beauty lovers are looking for those reviews and some people just randomly pop-in. The new navigation lets you get to those key areas really easily so you don’t have to spend a bunch of time digging (but feel free to do that too).

Things are still a little rough around the edges and I’ll be cleaning up the categories, updating posts that may look wonky (feel free to let me know if you find any – it will definitely help) and just trying to make it nice. 

Also if you have any suggestions or feedback – leave it in the comments – I’m pretty jazzed about how this has come together and am excited to continue to improve the site to make it easier for you all to read and navigate.

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  1. omg I LOVE it. Are you on wordpress or blogger?

  2. Baili Minsterketter says:

    so impressive! get it girl!

  3. Love the new look! You did a fantastic job. Kudos to you – I’ve been trying to redesign mine for months and am too intimidated!

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