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Styling: Tricks of the Trade from Joseph’s Salon & Spa

Aug 23, 2012

This post is woefully overdue so let’s just get into to it.

A couple weekends ago, I headed over to Joseph’s Salon & Spa to get all beautified for this wedding. I spent the afternoon with the awesome Amy Bolt (yes, spelled the same way as the Olympic phenom) getting tips on how to step up my lazy girl routine.

Amy did both my hair and makeup and had me feeling like a million bucks when I walked out the door. Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t really digging my outfit for the wedding so the feeling faded slightly. That’s neither hear nor there.

The Top Ten Things I Learned from Amy  

1. When constructing a high bun, do not use regular bobby pins. (Many of you probably knew this but not little ole me.) Use Hair Pins.

2. Bobby Pins = Place the Hair

3. Hair Pins = Secure the Hair

Bobby & Hair Pins. Learn to love them both.

4. When curling your hair, DO NOT pull apart/loosen your curls until they have completely cooled. This will make them hold longer. (Clearly this is one of many things I’d been doing wrong.)

5. When styling your hair, always section things off. Curl/Straighten one section at a time to ensure the best results. (Hard for this impatient girl to do!)

Fun little bun Amy taught me how to do. p.s. – that’s just simple elastic. snag some in fun colors to spice up your simple bun.

6. If you’re like me and not an experienced hair curler (so many girls I know are masters. my mom never gave me that lesson), invest in a glove to protect your hands from burns. This will give you the freedom to create the exact curl you want without the fear of a 3rd degree burn.

7. Get your tease on. Don’t skip the teasing comb when crafting a fun up do. Just a little bit of teasing will give your do a little more umph!

Working her make-up magic.

8. If you are at Sephora (Macy’s or Ulta or anywhere with fancy products)and are wondering what to invest in, spend your hard earned money on moisturizer, night cream and under eye cream.

9. Don’t even think about putting that make up without moisturizing the beejesus out of your face. Moisturize morning and night. Just do it.

10. FAVORITE TIP: Want to make your lips look fuller and more defined? Add a little bit of highlighter on the bow and give a little definition (with bronzer, eye shadow or light pencil) under your lip directly opposite the bow (does this place have a name? I’m not sure).

And check out the finished product. The curls fell a little before the wedding making them seriously perfect. I wish I could do this everyday!


The Fine Print: I wasn’t paid to do this post but Joseph’s Salon & Spa did fix my hair and make-up free of charge. But rest assured (for all involved) all opinions are my own.

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