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Sweet Summertime

Aug 3, 2020

My girls have two great loves. Dresses and popsicles. 

Yeah it’s an odd combo but Blake and Reese can’t get enough. First off, they love to change 46 times a day and it’s usually from one dress to another. It’s like playing dress up with all your own clothes instead of costumes. No matter whether we’re going to the grocery store or a fancy dinner, they’re wearing a dress. 

My girls are also sneaky. When they’re not pulling clothes out of their drawers, they’re hunting for treats. Their love of sweets has taught them to be pretty independent thinkers and very creative when it comes to finding things. They’ll move tables, chairs, find step stools, create their own step stools, whatever it takes to get to treats.

Given the conditions, popsicles are their current go-to. When I come home, I am likely to find 4 -5 of the clear wrappers hidden throughout the house. Not sure why they hide the wrappers instead of just burying them in the garbage. Clearly they haven’t thought that far ahead. But popsicles are life. 

Here’s the thing. Popsicles are messy. Even messier when it’s as hot as the surface of the sun outside. Those ice pops we all love turn into a watery mess in 2 minutes flat. Add in Blake’s propensity to eat everything in the most complicated way possible and we’re in trouble. 

As a Type-A crazy person, messes can be my kryptonite but I’ve tried to lessen my controlling grip a little and encourage them to just have fun and make messes (as long as it’s outside). Especially since it’s the summer and I just need to let them be little and have fun (can you hear me talking myself into it, it’s hard after they’ve ruined so much with markers and slime… don’t get me started on the slime).  

And while I let go a little I’ve stayed strong with attempting to get them to change out of their favorite dresses while making said messes but as you can see, it’s not something I’m very good at. my girls are hard on their clothes. They use them as napkins and Kleenex, they’ve been known to substitute for the dog’s toy and of course, they run around in them outside.

The only thing worse than getting a giant stain on their favorite dress is telling them they can’t wear their favorite dress anymore because it’s stained. I’ve been there and it didn’t go so well.

Thankfully though, none of the dresses here suffered any stains thanks to all®  laundry detergent. I was excited when they reached out to partner especially because of their message of Life Before Laundry. Mostly because I always want to put life before doing my massive pile of laundry but also it  was a perfect opportunity for me to let them have a little fun without worrying about the mess. 

Clearly we succeeded. 

After dinner every night, we let them burn off some energy and enjoy a popsicle in their favorite color. For once, I didn’t have to fuss and fight with them to change and  just let them eat their popsicles in their dresses. They had the time of their lives and I enjoyed a little peace sitting and watching them go wild.

The all®  stainlifte odor lifter liquid detergent is an all-in-one cleaner (I was able to abandon the scented beads we’d been using) since it tackles tough odors (a staple of our laundry with three kids), whitens, brightens and fights stains. Plus it works in cold water. You can use it as a pre-treatment too, which I did for the bright red popsicle drips. 

We made the switch to all® stainlifter® odor lifter liquid detergent a month or so ago and I could see the change in the girls’ clothes. No more dingy whites or blotchy stains on all their tops and dresses. Even Drew’s perennially stained soccer shirts (they’re required to wear white team shirts to practice…why!?!), look brighter and it has cut some of the pesky grease stains. 

Now if only it could get them to magically put their clothes away too. But I’ll take what I can get, right?

Thanks so much to all®  laundry detergent for sponsoring this post. 

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