Outfit Post: Wedding Season

It’s Monday and I still haven’t had this baby yet. So there’s that. Trust me, a cup of coffee certainly isn’t going to cut it to cure this case of the blahs.

Since this waiting game is about all I can focus on, it’s been tough to get inspired to do lots of fun blog content (especially now that Derby is over). Honestly, it’s been tough to just conquer the days – any activity where I have to see people/socialize (and or wear anything other than leggings/sweatpants) is tedious and I’m definitely ready to stop responding to all the standard pregnancy questions – “No, I don’t feel well but I’m trying to fake it.” Nope I still haven’t had the baby yet.” “Yes, I’m ready for this to be done already.” read more


Derby Dress of the Day: For a Jockey Club Suite

For today’s Derby Dress of the Day, I’m excited to share our first local submission from the gals at Dress & Dwell. I’m a big fan of Amanda, Britni and all the ladies over there so I was excited to get a beauty from their Derby lookbook.

When I saw this outfit, complete with a stunning hat from HEADcANDI, (p.s. Blogger gals and fans – Britni made Blair from Atlantic-Pacific’s fascinator last year) I immediately thought it would be perfect for a day spent in a jockey club suite. These swanky suites offer lots of seating, easy access to food & drinks (and by easy, I mean, in your own suite) and a betting window located just steps away. If you’re spending Derby day in one of these, you are a lucky lady (or lad). read more

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