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Kentucky Derby Style: A Derby Weekend Wrap Up!

May 10, 2018

Coming in a day late and a few dollars short with this post but better late than never. I’m guessing some of you already saw my Derby Day outfit over on Instagram but coming in over here to share the full details plus some of the highlights from a memorable Kentucky Derby weekend.

We ended up going to the track on Thurby and Derby Day, taking a break on Oaks Day for some evening fun. On Thursday, I ended up tagging along with Drew’s work crew which is always a good time. We were up in the Stakes Room which has one of the best spots for a photo-op at the track. It’s right up next to the Twin Spires so you can score the coveted picture with both the iconic spires AND the track in the background… although I missed the mark with my outfit pic but it’s all good.  If you saw this Woodford Reserve Mint Julep post, you know the spot.

I ended up wearing this fun romper that I scored on ASOS topped off with the cutest Fascinate Designs feathered piece. It played off the colors perfectly and was super light. This romper had me a little worried since it buttoned in the back but I was able to manage it myself on several bathroom breaks (sorry for the TMI but that’s a serious track concern) so it ended up being a winner. It was the only winner I had though since all my bets were big fat losers.


ASOS Jacquard Playsuit | Fascinate Designs Fascinator 

Bet you all really want to know where my sweet sunglasses are from though, right? Those were a clutch find in the Churchill Downs gift shop since I conveniently left mine in the car. They weren’t totally terrible and were less than $20 so I considered them a win. I used to wonder who bought stuff  at the gift shop and now I know. It me.


A Stitzel-Weller Affair presented by Blade & Bow and Garden & Gun

Oaks night we had the opportunity to attend the Stitzel-Weller Affair hosted by Blade & Bow Whiskey and Garden & Gun. I had never been before so I didn’t know what to expect and we were totally blown away with the gorgeous set-up. It was held on the distillery’s grounds south of downtown Louisville. We were warmly welcomed and then greeted by a thoroughbred horse, Storming Sox, who was the sweetest.

We sampled Blade & Bow cocktails and then enjoyed a dinner al fresco from acclaimed chef (and occasional Top Chef judge, sorry big fan girl over here) Hugh Acheson. I’m not a huge bourbon connoisseur so the delight in trying the 22-year-old reserve was lost on me but it was, by far,  the highlight of the night for the guys. Everything was so well-done. Really lovely but not fussy or overdone. The night ended with music from Marc Broussard. Such a fun time and perfect weather.

Already hoping to score an invite next year.

Kentucky Derby 144

The main event was, as always, one of my favorite days of the year. Although I didn’t love how the weathermen tried to pull a one-over on us by just refusing to give the correct forecast until it was literally pouring down rain. No lie, I watched coverage that morning for two hours and never saw the weather once. Usually they sneak it in every 10 minutes.

Either way, we had a blast. We started off at the Patron Ritas & Roses party which was complete with Anejo Juleps, an authentic mariachi band, another race horse (this one with a jockey) and every kind of margarita you could ask for. Such a fun way to start the day, even with a little rain.

Drew recently ruptured his Achilles tendon so he spent the entire day rolling around on a scooter which wasn’t great for him but did help us skip the line coming in and avoid most of the rain. Our seats were under cover (PRAISE THE LORD) and I spent most of the day running bets for Drew, drinking Budweisers and wandering around the track solo (seriously one of my favorite parts of the day).

Ended up hitting the trifecta again (for a significantly lower payout) and ended the day with pizza and a lot of couch snoozing.

What to Wear to the Kentucky Derby

Bardot Seniorita Dress | Headcandi Fascinator 

Picking a Derby dress for me is always a challenge since I am high-maintenance and don’t want anyone else to have the same thing on. I also want to make sure it can accommodate a fun fascinator. This one wasn’t my first choice when ordering online but once I tried it on, it was perfect. Comfortable, fun and not too short. I absolutely loved it. And if you’re looking for a fun dress for a summer wedding, this one is perfect and on sale for less than $80 right now. Oh and it also comes in black.

Before I wrap up this marathon post, can we talk about how amazing this piece is that Britni from Headcandi made? It’s always like Christmas morning when she drops off my fascinator and this one had me doing a happy dance. It was PERFECT and I got lots of compliments on it throughout the day. Britni is truly the best and I love seeing what she comes up with every year.

Alright, well there you have it. Kentucky Derby 144 in a nutshell. Can’t wait to do it again next year but thankfully for a full 365 days to recover.


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  1. Jenny Slagle says:

    Oh my worrrrrd. You look amazing. You win derby fashion in my book!! LOVE!

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