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Favorite Things: 2014

This year has definitely been one of my favorite things. Lots of big changes but biggest of all – a new little lady joining our family. There’s been lots of ups and downs in life and looks (some of those late maternity looks were WOOF) but all in all 2014 was one for the books.

Before it’s on to 2015, here’s my fourteen favorite moments of the year along with fourteen favorites from this year’s posts.

14. Seeing Outkast at Forecastle Festival
13. Road tripping to Atlanta with Grace
12. That one time I was on Gap’s instagram
11. Seeing Dave Chappelle at The Palace
10. Setting up a Derby fashion shoot filled with pretty friends and great local boutiques
9. Trying out my hand at tennis (and Tuesday evening cocktails)
8. Taking a spontaneous trip to Disney World (which I do not recommend doing when 6 months pregnant- #neveragain) 
7. Throwing a killer Murder Mystery Party
6. Celebrating Christmas as a family of four (yikes, when did I get so old?)
5. Soaking up the sun and eating WAY too much Dairy Kastle every Saturday of the summer
4. Celebrating five fun years of marriage
3. Getting away for a long 4th of July weekend in NYC to celebrate two amazing friends
2. Snow day sledding with D3
1. Meeting little Reese Rudy for the first time. read more


Favorite Things: How to Host a Murder Mystery Party

I thought about skipping over this post on the blog but I feel like having a Murder Mystery party is too fun not to share and seriously, I can’t recommend throwing one enough. If you’re more into the outfit game, I’ll be back to that tomorrow – promise.

I love a good costume party. Nothing like dressing up in something fun on a random Saturday. Also everything is funnier in a costume.

My friends and I had been wanting to throw a Murder Mystery Party for FOREVER so this past weekend we finally bit the bullet and put one together. Granted it was a little last minute but it was crazy fun and a good learning experience for when we, inevitably, want to have one again. read more

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