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Varsity Vintage

What a difference a week makes. Last week I was running around like a crazy woman and I’m so happy to say this week is significantly slower. I know spontaneity is the spice of life but I live for a good routine. Yes, mixing it up is great but I could use a couple quiet weeks to get it back together. I’ve been crushing my to-do list, catching up on some blog projects and generally being productive. Boring? Yeah a little but boring is good right now.

I planned on wearing this pairing for last week’s Louisville game (aka date night) but when I found out it was a black out, I swapped this vintage plaid button down for a black buffalo plaid one instead.  I’m sure I’ll be busting it out again since I don’t have a ton of red options. For some reason, I usually shy away from all things red – it’s not my color – but this option was a little more subtle. I ordered it in a tall, mostly so the sleeves would be long enough (I have serious monkey arms) but I like the longer hem length and boyfriend (read: looser) fit. Sometimes I think button-downs can have a weird fit – too fitted or too loose but this one is a Goldilocks, just right. And it’s perfect for layering too since it’s not a heavy flannel. read more


Outfit Post: Pumped Up Kicks

Lately I’ve been buying a lot of shoes – especially sneakers. Man oh man I love sneakers. Always have, always will.

I do think I may be treading into obsessive territory though. The other day Drew made me count out how many sneakers I’d bought in the last couple months. Let’s just say it’s more than a handful. {Insert monkey covering eyes emoji}

The deal on these New Balance 530’s at Madewell was too good to pass up. That’s the good thing about having giant feet – those size 10’s are usually the last ones left and hence, the most marked down. There had to be at least one benefit to having boat size feet. read more


Outfit Post: Home

I wish I could say that I timed this perfectly but it’s purely coincidence that this Home Tee outfit post coincides with our moving week. I can’t even begin to talk about how frustrating/annoying/overwhelming this whole process has been but thankfully we’re in the home stretch (promise, no pun intended). Seriously, home buying is like a race where they’re constantly throwing in new obstacles to tackles.

The Good News: We close on Thursday! Yay!

The Bad News: We haven’t packed a single thing (yes, I know so unprepared and irresponsible). read more


Outfit Post: New Kicks

Over the weekend, Drew turned and looked at me and said, “It’s amazing the amount of things you think you can squeeze into one day.” That sentence basically sums up my life and definitely this weekend.

I don’t think it would have been possible to cram more into my Sunday, let alone this weekend. It included one surprise birthday party, one wedding in Cincinnati, one kids birthday party and we went to the Lyle Lovett concert (don’t judge – it was awesome). Plus, I cleaned out my closet in an attempt to sell all my goodies on Sunday (a ton is left over and I’m considering putting up pics on here to see if anyone is interested – lots of cute stuff that doesn’t fit/I don’t need) and took D3 school supply shopping. Running around is a habit. read more

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