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Outfit Post: Home

Jan 25, 2016

I wish I could say that I timed this perfectly but it’s purely coincidence that this Home Tee outfit post coincides with our moving week. I can’t even begin to talk about how frustrating/annoying/overwhelming this whole process has been but thankfully we’re in the home stretch (promise, no pun intended). Seriously, home buying is like a race where they’re constantly throwing in new obstacles to tackles.

The Good News: We close on Thursday! Yay!

The Bad News: We haven’t packed a single thing (yes, I know so unprepared and irresponsible).

The Silver Lining: Since we still haven’t sold our house, we don’t have to have every last thing out of the house on Thursday.

The silver lining part is the only thing keeping me from having a total meltdown this week. But every time I get stressed out about the actual act of moving, I start thinking about how exciting it will be to have a new home. That being said, we’re really going to miss our current home. We moved in when I was pregnant with D3 and it’s where we’ve brought home both our little ones and it’s where we went from a party of two to a full blown crazy circus of four. We’ve celebrated birthdays, Christmas and Thanksgiving along with countless basketball games – no really, this may be the saddest part of moving – our basement had some serious lucky mojo. I’m still concerned that our new basement will be totally unlucky and lack any sort of March Mojo.

But with a new house comes a fresh new start (and so many more cabinets/closets) for the new year. I’m setting a goal for myself to avoid bringing anything to the new place that is unnecessary or unneeded – wish me luck there. I foresee lots of Goodwill trips in the next few days and I’m already writing out an apology note to our garbage collectors for next week’s sure-to-be massive pile.

One of the main reasons we fell in love with our new place is all the entertaining space, so I’m looking forward to doing more entertaining. We haven’t really been able to have people over the last year or so because with the kids, their crap and our current space – we’re a little crammed. We’re even considering having friends over for an overambitious Super Bowl party (BYOC – Bring Your Own Chair). I’m looking forward to sharing lots of pictures once we’ve dug out of the mess and sea of boxes. I’m sure I’ll snap some pics – so follow me on Snapchat if you’re into that kind of chaos.

It’s especially crazy to think that this will be our last week in our current home, I already told d3 that this was our last Monday of watching The Bachelor at our house (it’s the little things that we’ll miss. Maybe, home isn’t just where the heart is but where you and your favorite people watch snarky TV together. Doesn’t really roll off the tongue as well but I’m going with it.

The Home T-Shirt c/o – 10% of all proceeds from the Home T benefits MS Research
J.Crew Regent Blazer | Lysee Faux-Leather Leggings c/o | New Balance Sneakers (old, similar)
Images by Whitney Neal.


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  1. Jackie says:

    Um, hey there, twinning with our “home” tees today! 🙂

    I hope all goes well with the move and that the stress and chaos is as short-lived as possible!

    Something About That

  2. Kelly says:

    This post is so bittersweet! So many great memories on Fairlawn- so many great memories to come in the new house! Let me know if you need help packing! xoxo

  3. Brenna says:

    Um, your new basement will most certainly NOT lack March Mojo! It was designed and assembled by two UK fans, not to worry!

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