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Outfit Post: Merry and Bright Blazer

No joke, this is my favorite outfit right now. I’ve worn it at least four times in the last couple weeks and I anticipate wearing it a bunch more over the holidays – especially since it is so crazy warm.

Seriously, I could rewrite the words to “These are a few of my favorite things…” to incorporate these items. I’m singing it in my head but will spare you the ridiculous lyric swap that’s going along with it.

The giddy delirium is probably because today is our last “real” day of work for the year. Yes, I’ll be back in the office for a few days before the new year but we’re entering that holiday slow period where working means organizing my office and cleaning out my inbox. We also have our company Christmas party/dinner tonight so I’m counting down to a yummy dinner at Brendon’s Catch 23 (Louisville friends – make plans to get drinks or dinner there over the next couple weeks, so good). And to top it off, our Secret Santa gift exchange. read more


Outfit Post: Plain White Tee

You know on the show The Biggest Loser how the trainers just come in and take over all the contestants lives? It’s like a hostile takeover (except it’s totally not since the people signed up for it) where they’re like “Work out NOW!” “Don’t eat that!” and some other things to tear them down and bring them back up. Well, I think I need that. Less of the emotional baggage and limiting calorie intake to 750 a day but more of the “get your shit together now” discipline. I feel like my day would be more productive if all of sudden Jillian Michaels barged into my office and told me to finish my to-do list NOW while telling me I’m better than my procrastination before ordering me to do 50 push-ups. Or just popped in like Terry Tate Office Linebacker and smacked a bag of chips out of my hand and reminded me it’s time to workout. read more

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