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Make a Move

Oct 23, 2018

Best day ever over here… it’s moving day at our office for Lemonade! Okay, I know we’ve said it was moving day about a million times but construction is annoying and fraught with delays. But today it’s really happening (picture me throwing my hands in the air praising the lord above)!

Currently I’m writing this post from our totally disheveled office but it’s our office, and that is crazy exciting (if you want to see the inspiration behind it, check out this post). Going to get a little cheesy, motivational business-y here but seriously, if you had asked me when we started a little over a year ago if we’d be where we are now, I’d say no way. The whole “being your own boss” thing is hard, complicated, busy, hectic and, at times, stressful but it’s been so much more rewarding, exciting, fulfilling and empowering than I ever expected.

If you’re considering going out on your own, I would challenge you to ask yourself, “what’s the worst that can happen?” For me, giving up a full-time income with three kids was obviously the worst part but I was willing to cut back to try to make it work. Both Lynsey and I told ourselves that if it wasn’t going well in a year, we’d look for new jobs and be none the worse. Looking back, it was the best decision I’ve ever made and I haven’t regretted it for a second. It’s only fueled me to do better, bigger things over here on the blog and it’s driven me to make our business successful, no matter what. Beyond that, it’s helped me enjoy the small successes along the way – our first big client, our first month at our initial goal in billings, signing a lease on an office, hiring an employee. Each of those little goals has built upon the last.

I know it’s in just about every self help book ever written but it’s true when they say that fear is really the only thing stopping most of us from chasing and fulfilling our dreams. So yeah, I’ll stop with the motivational speech but if there’s something you really want to do – whether that’s getting a promotion, trying out a new sport or hobby (I need to take this advice on my goal of learning to play the piano) or starting your own business – start the process of making it happen. Even if that just means making a list of pros and cons.

The big picture can be daunting but starting small and checking things off one at a time makes it manageable. We started with a name, then formed an LLC, met with an accountant, found a place to work, etc. etc. etc. It wasn’t all at once. And now we’re sitting here in our own office. Okay now I’m really done.

I know it’s a little silly to do an outfit post now but I’m nothing if not a bit ridiculous. And I realized I hadn’t shared this full look over here yet. So here you go. It’s one of my favorite outfits recently since it’s so simple and comfortable but also polished enough for a night out. You can even swap out the booties for sneakers during the day and then throw these on before heading out for drinks. p.s. – if you love these cut-out booties, they still have a few sizes and you can save 25% off your entire order with code LWW25.

These AG jeans have also been my favorite since getting them over the summer. They are just the right rinse, fit really well (no adjusting a million times a day) and hit at just the right spot on my ankle (I’m 5’8″ for reference). They’re a little more of a splurge but are worth every penny. I have a ripped/distressed pair too and I pretty much wear those two pairs 70% off the time.

Dress & Dwell Marled Boyfriend Sweater
White Knotted Tee  | AG Farrah Jeans
Fossil Minimalist Watch | Gucci Belt | Dagne Dover Classic Tote
Dress & Dwell Kate Buckle Peep Toe Booties
Quay Sunglasses

10 Cardigans Under $100

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