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The Easiest Way to Spread More Cheer this Holiday Season

Nov 23, 2020

This post has been sponsored by American Greetings . All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

This year has really been something, huh? It feels like it’s been 2020 for about 20 years. Seriously, doesn’t March feel like a life time ago? We’ve all gone from buying loungewear and ordering wine to making banana bread to sitting in backyard pools and back to loungewear again. With all the change and uncertainty, I feel like we’ve all realized all the little things we’ve taken for granted before and of course, all the people who make those things happen. 

As we head into the holiday season aka gift giving season, I’ve been thinking about little ways to thank all the people that, frankly, I took for granted before.

Anyone who had to wait 4+ months to get a hair appointment is never going to take their stylist for granted again. Staying home with my whole crew for weeks at a time made me very aware of the amount of trash we accumulate. And lord knows our delivery guys and gals are the real MVPs for delivering ALL the quarantine packages.

Enter American Greetings (who I’ve loved working with before because I am a sucker for a handwritten note) to help me get on top of my game early this season.

When it comes down to it, we all just want to be thanked for what we do. And there’s legit no better way to thank someone than with a handwritten note (especially when you can save $4 when you buy 3 or more). Yes, gifts are great but a thoughtful note will go much farther and stay with you much longer than another gift card.

I’m normally the worst about remembering to buy a bunch of little happies, which is what I like to call small gifts to give to all the aforementioned everyday heroes along with teacher aides, my favorite nail gal and just about anyone that could use a holiday pick me up.

This year, I stocked up on a bunch of American Greetings holiday cards, bought a handful of $10 Target gift cards and picked up some goodies to make sure I’m never empty handed when it comes time to thank the people that do so much. If you want to get in on the holiday magic, here’s the quick lowdown on what to pick up on your next Target run.

1. Hit up the card aisle and snag a couple 10-packs of holiday cards.

There is no shortage of adorable options on these. American Greetings has an option no matter what your holiday style. There are cutesy Christmas ones perfect for kids to use, traditional options and old-fashioned holiday options. This simple woodland set caught my eye because they look like they belong in some high-end paper store.

And while I normally write the notes on the go, last minute, this year my goal is to sit down and write out a bunch at one time so there’s no panicky rushing before my next appointment or drop-by. The notes are obviously much more thoughtful and well-written when I take the time to sit down and put some heartfelt thought into them.

I tend to always be running late, behind and unprepared so by taking 30 minutes one afternoon to knock these out, I’ll avoid the ‘oh crap, I forgot’ wave of anxiety.

2. Stock up on bags and tissue paper.

This is usually where I usually drop the ball. I’ll have a card and a gift but nothing to put it in. I normally don’t let that stop me but I’m always a little ashamed when I show up and notice someone else’s perfectly wrapped present.

Grab a few different sizes and just keep them, along with a stash of tissue paper,  in a bag by your front door. Throw the cards in there too  so you can grab them and  do a quick wrap job as you’re walking out the door.

3.Gift cards, candles and wine oh my!

These are my go-tos when it comes to simple gifts. And thankfully you can find them all at Target.   I’ll throw in some homemade baked goods in the mix for people I’m close to and comfortable with.

If you keep these in the aforementioned bag by the door,  you can have a super thoughtful gift in a breeze.

4.Swing by the snack aisle. 

This is key for thanking the multitudes of drivers and delivery people who swing by your house, playing Santa Claus all holiday season.

No lie, I used to have my UPS guy’s phone number saved in my phone. He would text me if he saw a package that looked valuable and would leave it around back. I’d text him if I knew I was getting a package that required a signature so I could figure out when I needed to be home. Thinking his route must have changed at some point in the last year and I’m still not over it.

Grab a bunch of snacks, waters and sweets so you can create a super simple gift basket to sit out when the holiday rush begins.

To assemble mine, I just grabbed a basket I already had in the house, stocked it with snacks and clipped on one of the American Greetings cards (doesn’t it look cute?). I liked how this basket had a lid so they’re marginally protected from the elements and critters when sitting out all day. Add a little thank you note inside and you’re good to go.

Legit, the hardest part is just carving out the time to write out the notes. I wrote my first batch while watching my first Christmas movie of the season. When writing notes, I try to always include some anecdote or funny story to show our connection and then specifically say why I’m so thankful for them. The notes don’t need to be essays but 4 or 5 sentences with a personal touch goes so far. And after this hot mess of a year, we need ALL THE JOY. For all of us 2020 has been challenging but by sharing some gratitude for what we’ve managed to hang on to this year, I’m thinking we’ll enter 2021 on a much higher note.

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