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Time to {Holiday} Party * Perfect Party Looks with T.J.Maxx

Nov 29, 2017

You guys, I feel exceptionally prepared that I found holiday outfits this early. Usually I am rummaging through my closet looking for something festive the night before, realizing I have nothing that fits or fits the bill and then spend the next day hunting down something new. Not this year, thanks to a little, scratch that, a lot of help from  

With the challenge of finding a great holiday outfit, I went to town on their website, adding way more than I should have to my cart. Side note, this was my first time using their website rather than raiding their store with my bestie and true Maxxinista Caitlin (seriously Caitlin is like my TJ spirit guide – felt a little weird shopping, albeit online, without her). I was really blown away with the selection on the site. It was like going to the store when they’ve just re-stocked and it’s full of all the best designer stuff in your exact size. 

It took me a little while but I narrowed down my favorites to two holiday looks. One for a more casual but still festive get together with friends – think girl’s holiday dinner, after-work holiday cocktails with friends or a less formal holiday party. The other is when you’re really going for it, full-on festive holiday party. 

For the former, I went with a suede legging and this emerald bell-sleeve topI know leggings are not pants, but I am making an exception since I paired it with my trusty black cape (that sounded like I think I am a superhero and we all know that’s not true). I would also rock this with high-waisted dark denim for something more casual or with a black pencil skirt to be a little more formal. My favorite part of the outfit though are these heels which I am obsessed with. I am accepting party invites just so I can get ALL the chances to wear them. Plus, they were under $50. Such a good find. 

Emerald Bell Sleeve Top * TJ Maxx * Holiday Party Outfit Ideas

For the full-on party look, I went bold with this red number. I don’t normally go so bright but I figured there’s no time like the holidays to break out the bright, bold red. The fabric on this dress is heavier too so it smooths things out on top (plus it keeps you a little warmer) and the a-line skirt style is my favorite for my body type, plus I think a fuller skirt is perfect for the holidays. I was super impressed with the quality on this dress too.  

I also scooped up both pair of earrings from the site and ALL of it was just at $250. That’s accessories, shoes, a dress and a full-outfit for $250. Pretty freaking awesome if you ask me. Plus, everything is something I can mix and match to get lots of wear. And I found it all while lounging in my pj’s and watching Bravo re-runs. All in all a solid night’s work. 

That’s not to say I won’t stop my trips to T.J.Maxx with Caitlin where we wander around aimlessly, catching up, trying on a million things and buying all the baby clothes and home goods. But it’s nice to have another option when you’re on the hunt for that designer deal but don’t want to leave the couch. 

You may have noticed that some of the items I bought are already sold out. So while they do have a huge selection online, stuff can sell out quickly. So like shopping their stores, definitely buy things up when you see them because they may not last. For more styles like mine, check out:  

Festive topsLeggings | Block Heels | Cocktail Dresses  | Earrings  

Thanks so much to T.J.Maxx for partnering on this post. All opinions, random ramblings and thoughts are my own.
Photos by Tabitha Booth

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