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Five Tips for Turning Your Closet Castaways into Cash with Stella’s Resale Boutique

Jul 25, 2017

I love shopping. Clearly, it’s one of the reasons that I started this little side hustle but these days, I’ve had to hit the major breaks on my retail therapy. Since quitting my full-time job to start my own business, the spending money has all but dried up so I’m attempting to ball on a budget. And while being on a tight budget isn’t my favorite, it’s also caused me to reevaluate my closet and figure out a way to make a little cash while clearing out what I’m not loving anymore.

Enter Stella’s Resale Boutique.

I’ve seen (and shared) about Stella’s since they opened last year but hadn’t had a chance to make it in and check it out. That is, until last week when they invited me in for some shopping. Consider me impressed. (Also, please disregard how pregnant I look in this peplum tee. Rest assured, I am NOT with child despite looking about 6 months along. Cue me scheduling a workout class.) 

First off, the store is the cutest. Louisville gals – it’s right by Simply Thai in St. Matthews, tucked into a little white house on the corner. Second, both owner Lynne Mueller and shop gal extraordinaire Concetta are the most welcoming, friendly and funny ladies. I instantly felt like I was shopping with girlfriends. Last, and most important when it comes to doing some consignment shopping, the selection was on point. Full of the brands I love to shop along with some higher end pieces to swoon over.

I had the best time at the store – so much so that what was supposed to be one post, will now be two. Compared to other local consignment shops, Stella’s felt so homey. But like the home of someone with a fabulous closet. There was also a fun mix of new pieces and vintage jewelry and accessories. The amount of Mad Men-era purses that I wanted to bring home was alarming (I would have bought maybe 5 if I could have). They also had a wide selection – from fancier dresses and shoes to more casual items like tees and jeans. Oh and if you’re looking for some new work wear but hate spending money on that type of thing – they had a whole section of blazers and work pants (or as my grandma would say, slacks).

After falling in love with a handful of pieces at the store, I decided I needed to bring in a big pile of my stuff to make a little cash so I can come back and do some fall shopping. So here’s some tips I picked up from the ladies at Stella’s. Oh and if you need more closet clean out help, I got you covered over here.

Five Quick Tips to Turn Your Closet Castaways Into Cash
    1. Clear it Out.

      First things first, clear out anything in your closet you haven’t worn in the last year, doesn’t fit, doesn’t excite you, or doesn’t serve an expressed purpose (for example – I keep one well-fitting Theory suit for those rare occasions I need a good suit).

    2. Weed Out the Good Stuff.

      You’ll probably feel relieved and like a weight has been lifted now that you’ve said good-bye to some closet stragglers. Now it’s time to separate the men from the boys… or just the nice stuff from the stuff that needs to be donated.

      First consider the consignment shop. At Stella’s, they’re looking for the higher-end mall retailers – like J.Crew, Anthropologie, Madewell, Lululemon, Ann Taylor and Banana Republic – along with contemporary and luxury brands. That being said, there are some consignment shops that will take new or like-new pieces from fast-fashion brands and other mall retailers.

      Go through everything and put any pieces with stains, holes or other blemishes in the donate pile. You want anything you’re considering donating to be in good condition.

    3. Think Like a Buyer.

      Now that everything is separated, you need to start thinking like a buyer. Take a look at everything individually and ask yourself: “Would someone pay money for this?” Now remember, it’s not whether you would spend money on it – we already know you (or someone that knows you) did that. Would a random stranger like this enough to use their hard earned money to take it home with them?

      Buyers are looking for pieces that are in excellent condition, are on-trend for the current season or are timeless, classic pieces (this is especially true of handbags and denim). You may remember spending $250 for that bag but someone else might see it and think “dated.”

    4. Get it Ready.

      Your pile is ready to go but don’t just bring a bunch of random stuff in a bag. Presentation is key.

      First, make sure your items are fresh and clean. If it’s been sitting in the back of a closet for the last year, it’s worth it to give it a quick wash and fold. You don’t want the buyer to be turned off by all your pieces because of one musty jacket or sweater.

      You’ll also want to round-up a bunch of disposable hangers to put the best pieces on. Showcasing a blouse or dress on a hanger will give you a much better chance of getting top dollar for your things.

    5. Don’t Take it Personal.

      I’m not going to lie and say this is easy. In the past, I’ve gotten irrationally angry at a local consignment store for not taking pieces I thought were great (oh and also brand new with tags). Don’t be me. Have a Snickers, take a deep breath and realize it’s not a personal assault on your closet if they don’t want everything.

      This is much easier said than done, I realize that. My tip, shop around while they’re evaluating or just drop things and come back for the stuff they don’t want. You can either try your hand at selling the leftovers online using an app like Poshmark or Depop, or you can just be done with them and donate them. Either way, your closet is cleaner and you’re on your way to making a little cash.

I’m planning on using these tips this week since I have a ton of stuff for the gals at Stella’s to consider. Seriously, it might actually weigh a ton. I’m going to drop off my goodies on Thursday when they are also having their big One Year Anniversary Summer Clean Out Sale. I feel like if I drop off a ton of stuff, I can treat myself to a deal on something marked way down.

Here’s all the details if you want to stop by (you should stop by).

Stella’s First Birthday Party
July 27th from 11 am to 7 pm
50% off Storewide*
* only excludes their $5 rack
 401 Wallace Ave, St Matthews, KY 40207
Photos by Tabitha Booth

If you’re interested in cleaning out your closet, you can bring Fall & Winter items by beginning on August 1st.

Stay tuned for another post this afternoon with the cutest outfit I put together full of my Stella’s find.


Thanks so much to Stella’s Resale Boutique for partnering on this post. All opinions and random ramblings are my own. 

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  1. Claire says:

    I took 8 BEAUTIFUL JCrew, BR, AT and Coach pieces to Clothes Mentor on Sunday. Left 1 item with them and collected NINE DOLLARS. I was SO SO mad I almost went angry shopping (the best/worst kind). They didn’t want anything else! I honestly couldn’t believe it. It’s possible I took it slightly personally…:)

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