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Life Lately + Colorblock Cardigan

Oct 16, 2019

Hey friends – so if you follow on Instagram you probably saw that I’ve left the bluegrass for 10 days in Rome, Florence and Prague. Drew and I are celebrating our 10-year anniversary (#old) and finally picked a day to do a legit trip abroad.

We’re currently whirring past the Italian countryside on our way from Rome to Florence after a couple days exploring the capital city and all the ruins. Of course, in true Danielle fashion, I destroyed my phone within hours of arriving. It slipped out of my hand in the Forum, only to fall straight down on its screen, shattering it and making it all but unusable. {Palm to Head} Clearly it was a, very expensive, accident but I get SO annoyed with myself when I make mistakes like that. So frustrating. Anyone else prone to losing/breaking things more than the average bear? Hoping it’s not just me.

A couple hours and more euros than I’d care to admit later, it’s working again but what a giant pain in the ass. If I didn’t have to keep up with work, I would have probably just blown it off until we got back but that wasn’t an option. Anyways, enough of that.

Obviously these pics are not from our Italian travels but I did pack this entire outfit and broke it out last night for dinner … just swapped out the sneakers since these Vejas were a little too bulky to pack. Tried to limit the amount of stuff I packed (spoiler alert: I did a TERRIBLE JOB and am a massive overpacker) and these didn’t make the cut. Figured I’d go ahead and finally get this outfit up since it was on the brain and since the weather back home is finally giving the chance to break out the sweaters.

Stitches and Stripes Colorblock Cardigan from Evereve 
Good American ‘Good Legs’ Denim from Evereve 
Veja Sneakers | INC Tank (old, similar here)

On the Vejas really quick: a couple people on Instagram (literally two, maybe three) asked about how they fit and if they’re comfortable. They run true to size. I am wearing my regular, giant size 10 (41 in European sizes) and they are perfect. I will say these sneakers are heavier than your standard Nike or Adidas running shoes. They have a heavy sole but it doesn’t make them uncomfortable at all. They are great walking around shoes but not necessarily if you’re going to walk all day long. I normally wear them for casual days at the office or on the weekends for running errands and going to games. They hit a little higher on the ankle so if that bugs you, you may want to go somewhere to try them first before ordering (Madewell carries them in store I believe).  Long story short, I love them but wouldn’t recommend if you’re looking for something to do TONS of walking in.

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