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Seriously More Stripes

Sep 14, 2016

Is it me or is this the longest week ever? Seriously, how is it only Wednesday? At the end of yesterday it felt like I’d already tackled enough random crap to call it a week. Then I realized I still had three full days left to go. I blame it on a combo of things – random crap at work, Drew being out of town (meaning me being slowly worn down by three small tyrants) and New York Fashion Week FOMO. I mean, I can’t get on snapchat or instagram or any corner of the internets without having to see all the fun other bloggers and friends are having in NYC. Gave me the sads last night when I was eating leftover Panera and watching Below Deck (#reallife).

Speaking of NYFW FOMO (you like all those acronyms don’t you), I will be doing my semi-annual round-up of my favorite street style looks later today. Definitely one of my favorite posts to work on so I’m going to settle in and search for the good stuff this afternoon. It always inspires me to either revisit some old favorites or to start hunting down specific pieces for fall.

Clearly I’m in need of a little inspiration since I’ve been turning to some old favorites a little too much lately. I obviously love a good stripe dress (as evidenced here and here), but one thing I’ve learned from some fashion icons is that if you have a thing that you love, that works for you – stick with it. Not quite sure if stripes work for me, but I love them and that’s all the convincing I need to continue wearing them constantly.

This Vineyard Vines stripe dress has a thicker fabric that makes it good for that summer to fall transition. It’s easy to layer with a thin sweater or chunky knit cardigan and boots for those colder days but works perfectly now with booties or my personal favorite, sneakers. I’ve thrown this and white supegas on too many times to count when I’ve been too lazy or time starved to throw together separates.

Vineyard Vines Striped T-Shirt Dress c/o | Draped Blue Vest from Dress & Dwell (similar options below) | Moon & Lola Charm Necklace c/0 | Sole Society Navy Romy Boots (LOVE THESE! seen before here and here)

p.s. –  I’ve been wearing this charm necklace from Moon & Lola nonstop since I put it together in Charleston. I’m thinking I’ll do another full post on their charm bar since it makes such a great gift for girls of all ages. I love the little tassels and pearls you could add in addition to the more sentimental charms. Plus you can get 15% off your first M&L order so if you’re in need of a good THOUGHTFUL gift, I’d head over there. Plus their customer service is A++++. Photos by Danielle Martin – Ch. 25 Photos

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