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What to Wear Now? 4 Tips to Get Out of a Winter Style Rut

Jan 11, 2018

Seriously, what do we wear now? Last week we were in single digits and today it’s supposed to be almost 70 degrees. Not to mention that it’s supposed to snow tomorrow. This weather schizophrenia has not translated to a fun closet mix-up. Instead, it’s me standing in front of a closet, asking it to spit out an outfit. Is that too much to ask?

Instead of embracing the wacky weather, I’ve resorted to wearing the same sad combination jeans, a chunky sweater (most of the time it’s just this sweater) and either boots or sneakers. This ensemble is accompanied by the fear of running into someone who reads the blog or just knows it exists. It hasn’t helped that I’ve felt seriously under the weather lately (as opposed to over the weather, which I definitely am). But today, I woke up feeling better and made the commitment to at least TRY to put together some semblance of an outfit.

As I scanned my closet and tried to avoid another all black outfit, I thought it might be worth sharing the tips I’m using to get out of my style rut. Nothing groundbreaking here but just an easy way to shop your closet to elevate your every day attire.

Also, you’re probably like “Four tips Danielle? Couldn’t you think of five?” And to that I say, I had every intention of doing five but I gave myself a strict time limit for working on this post and I only got four tips in by the sound of the buzzer. So that’s what you get! Just keeping it real. 

1. Ditch the blue jeans.

This time of year, I think we all tend to reach for our trusty denim on a daily basis. Instead of going for basic blue jeans, switch them out for your white denim or throw on a pair of joggers for casual days. Or if you’re able to wear jeans to work, switch dark denim out for a pair of wide-leg trousers or a black skinny pant. Feeling extra bold? Try a printed pair (Anthropologie has some great options right now).  This tiny switch will totally change up your look and possibly inspire you to push the boundaries with the rest of your outfit. But even if you just throw on a basic tee with them, you’ll have a totally different feel to your outfit.

Try These Instead:

2. Wear Lipstick

I know you have that grandma or aunt that always says you should wear lipstick. I think they’re a requirement in every family. And today I am channeling everyone’s great aunt when I say,”honey, put on some lipstick.”

Granted this is advice I need to take myself. To encourage me to actually wear it, I’ve put my two current favorites (this Bobbi Brown one in Cherry and Punch) on my bathroom counter to remind me to throw a little on. Anytime I wear lipstick I always get lots of comments (I like to assume, probably incorrectly, that they are compliments but who knows) and I feel more put together. It also discourages me from biting my nails. So a win/win.

I’m sure you have tons of lipsticks and glosses hiding out in the dark recesses of your purse or make-up bag, so fish those pretties out and put them somewhere you’ll remember to put a little on – like your car (if you park in a garage – don’t want it to melt), near your keys or in the pocket where you keep your cell phone in your purse. Even if its just a gloss, do it.

My Favorite Brands: 


LOFT Stitchy Cable Sweater (40% off now) 
J.Crew Toothpick Jean (25% off now) 
Adidas Gazelle Sneakers
Frye Ilana Saddle Bag c/o | Quay Sunglasses
3. Switch Up Your Shoes

Admit it, you’ve been wearing the same two or three pairs of shoes in heavy rotation, haven’t you? Same here. So I put away the pairs I turned to rain or shine and swapped them out for some pairs I hadn’t reached for in a while.

If it’s not raining or snowing, wear heels! Especially if you’re just going out to dinner or drinks with friends (i.e – you’ll be sitting most of the night). If you’ve been wearing the same pair of suede brown booties, switch them out for fun sneakers. Always reaching for black heels, switch them out for a colorful pair or grab a pair of velvet ones (they’re on big time sale now so no regrets if the trend doesn’t last). If you’re a ankle bootie girl, try out a pair of knee high ones. Or if you love ballet flats, try out a pair of loafers.

Again, this isn’t groundbreaking but hey, new shoes (even if they’re just newly rediscovered) always makes my day.

4. Add Earrings 

Yup, it’s that simple. You’ve decided to ditch all my previous suggestions, wear blue jeans and a t-shirt but you add colorful earrings. Boom! It’s anew you. I buy bright, standout earrings all the time but hardly ever wear them so I’m resolving to break them out at least once a week even if it’s just for running errands or sitting behind my desk all day.

Pick a pair that you love and I bet you’ll smile every time you catch their reflection in a mirror.

Throw These On: 

Like I said, these tips aren’t setting the world on fire but they are an easy way to make getting dressed in the morning a little more fun and way less boring. Clothes are supposed to be fun. I mean, we all know shopping for them is (I can’t be alone there).

I’m all about a uniform but even switching up a little is enough to push you out of a rut. Guarantee you’ll get a couple compliments no matter what you try.

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